Need advice regarding HP laptop

Oct 11, 2022
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These are my tats: HP 15.6" Laptop Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7500U 8GB Memory 2TB HDD Intel HD Graphics 620 Model 15-bs087cl
I have come here because both Intel & HP customer service are nearly useless.

I like Racing Sims. The laptop is from 2017; I read that my GPU cannot be changed with this model due to it being saudered onto the motherboard.

Best I can do now is run F1 2020 at about 30 fps. My monitor refresh rate is 60. Gentlemen and Lady-peoples, I need help. I just wanna run Assetto Corsa: Competitionzone and my F1 2020 with having a horrible experience. What can I do ??

A RAM card is of course great but means little if I cannot upgrade my GPU. I looked into external GPU's but I don't think this model has the right ports.
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

saudered onto the motherboard
Soldered, not saudered. If you call a cow a fish, is it a cow after that point? In reality when you describe the cow as a fish, the mind will start perceiving a fish, not a cow. It's for this reason you get the terms right.

That being said, if the GPU's chip is soldered onto the motherboard, you can't desolder it and replace it with another chip(regardless of the same camp or of another make and model). If that were possible, we'd be elated to report that "IT CAN BE DONE". Sadly, soldered on components would mean you replace the motherboard entirely. Once you do the math, you come very close to the cost of buying a brand new laptop with the latest and greatest tech.

A RAM card
Stick of ram, not card.

According to this service manual;
you can perform a 2x8GB DDR4-2133MHz dual channel(laptop ram) upgrade and there are SKU's of your laptop with a switchable entry level AMD discrete GPU(very likely due to the profile of the laptop), meaning it lacks serious cooling capacity. The laptop you have wasn't designed to be taxed with games, merely for people who needed a PC on-the-go when going from point A to point B, that's what I've deduced when looking at the parts list with which the laptop can be spec'd with. If it were a gaming laptop, it'd have more discrete GPU options at the end user's disposal(meaning you could choose a higher pedigree laptop). That being said, a ram upgrade would give a small uplift in your laptop's day to day task but not so much with "gaming" need oomph from a discrete GPU.
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