Question MX-4 and UPSIREN U6 PRO took down temps near 20C on my IdeaPad Gaming 3! How normal is this?

Dec 3, 2023
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I had my IdeaPad Gaming 3 repasted last weekend with MX-4 and UPSIREN U6 PRO. From CPU/GPU 86/95C I now have 68/74 at full load and from 72/74 on idle now it is 49/52! Bonza!
I just wonder how normal this is. I mean does it mean that my laptop was overheating all this time? Maybe I should expect it to fail soon?
If your temps on the VRM is lower than what the thermal pads were giving you, then you're good. If they got worse, then you replace the putty you used with thermal pads that are the same thickness as the one that came bundled with the laptop but of higher pedigree.

CPU/GPU temps are one thing, VRM/memory temps are another.

Just another tip, you can drop your laptops temps by undervolting as well.