Are these voltages safe and temps safe?

Sep 30, 2022
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Are these voltages safe? 1.4

and are these temps safe?
Sorry aboutthe long question, but you seem to know what your talking about. So not sure if this counts towards my cooling.

what's your opinion on my temps...Spider-Man... 4k, very high textures,high settings. locked to 100 fps...

CPU: Average 50 to 65c... Max temp spike 70c... (High performance Power plan)

Gpu: Average 73/75c... Max temp 76c... Unless i use my more aggressive fan curve. Usually stays 65c at 68% fan curve.

Cod MW... 2k, high everything... 200 fps plus. CPU: Normal Average 55 to65c... Max temp spike 73c (High performance Power plan)

(Usually on a hotter day, or if the heating is on in my house.) Average High 58 to 66c... Max temp spike 75/78 80c (This 80 is very rare, normally see like 75c)... (Highperformance Power plan) Gpu: average 65c... Max temp 68c

Cod MW... (Now when i cap my FPS)2k, high everything... 150 fps cap as monitor is only 144hz unless i useoverclock mode on the monitor, which pushes it to 155hz. CPU: Average 53 to 64c... Maxtemp spike 69/72c... (High performance Power plan) Gpu: average 63/65...

as for example if i use my more aggressive GPU fan curve, cod never goes past 55c on gpu with a fan speed of 50ish percent.

So when gaming i usually get around 55 to 65c, andmaybe a spike of the low 70'c when anti virus or other programs or theboost thing happens, but after a while of gaming and depending oncoolant temps. (average coolant temp 28/31, highest I've seen AIO coolant hit 33c) i might see a spike of 74c.

usually 75 to 77/80 as maximum spike with 90/100 percent CPU usage....high performance with the i9 9900ks, and how muchlife to they take off the chip's lifespan?.

Idle 28 to 35c, browsing or casualcomputer stuff, 39 to 40/45c...

Also with more demanding games.

In cyberpunk 2077.

When i set crowd density up to high, my cpu percentage can hit like 90/96 percent usage, but will stay between 60 to 70 percent. Which averages the cpu temp around 65 to 72c and spikes it to 75/77c every now and then. On medium. Maybe 62 to/68/69 average, max spike is 74c. and on low cpu runs average 58c to 65c. not sure why the crowed density really makes that much of a difference. I'm playing 4k/ mostly high, a few medium settings. and locked to 72fps. Also using high performance power plan.

With the mw2 beta i played recently, game ran at 59/64c and spiked to around 69/70c.

And the current latest game, i'm playing is Fifa 23 which currently has a cpu ussage issue. picture of fifa temps.

So for some reason this game runs at sometimes 80 percent plus...

Also using high performance power plan. causing the average CPU in the high 60's in temps. as you can see in the picture and once it pushes above 80 percent cpu ussage, hits low 70's. So averages around 64/70c. This game can make it spike for a second to 72/74c and the odd spike to 78.

So most games hit 55 to 65c, and have spikes in the low 70's. Then you have those two examples of hitting higher.


i9 9900ks @ 5Ghz

32gbs of 3200mhz Ram

3080 ti FTW 3 ultra.

Thanks for any info.
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Apr 26, 2021
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These are pretty normal voltage and Temperatures.
Apparantly a tiny bump to 1.4V is not unheard off when you turn on XMP and present CPUs work perfectly fine till slightly northwards of the 90 degrees. If they are rapidly peaking above the 90 degrees, that is when eyebrows should start to raise, the CPU should start to throttle and typical suggestions like dusting off your cooler get flung.

So I say: Perfectly safe.

side-note: This info may be outdated on future CPU generations. AMD's Ryzen 7000 for example actually likes to be at 95 degrees.
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