Music! Do you ever use mods to change or add to a game's soundtrack?

We've had a lot of music posts lately, so I'm going to add another. We all love music of some type, and music can set the mood for a game (or any real life situation). From the opening theme song, to ambient, to combat, to radio stations; music can really enhance the experience.

Do you ever use mods to change that experience? Maybe you've played a certain game for hundreds of hours and just want something a bit different, or more radio stations, or add to or replace the soundtrack. Even adding a mod to change or add sound effects, just to create a bit more immersion (while sound effects aren't actually music, they are still audio files).

So I'll start with a mod that I've been using for years that is a metal remix of the Skyrim main theme by Skar Productions:

Certainly not everyone would agree with the music, but for myself, I like a bit of metal mixed in with my fantasy world. It's a similar scenario to the Blind Guardian concert in Sacred 2 that @Colif and I like so much.

There are many other audio mods I've used over the years, do you have any?
I've never used a mod to add music. I just go to a local radio station's website and stream it while I play. However, in the original Roller Coaster Tycoon games, you could add your own music to play while the ride was in progress, and I did that quite a bit. I had different songs on each ride.

It seems like there was a similar situation in another game, where I added music that played under certain circumstance, but I'm drawing a blank right now. I'll keep thinking about it, and maybe it will come to me. It wasn't a mod, though. It would have just been a part of the vanilla game.

I don't really own any music anymore. I used to have tons of it, but I lost it one time when I changed phones. I've made copies of my favorite YouTube live performances, though, because you never know when someone will complain, and they'll be taken down and lost forever.
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I've toyed around with ini files in some Paradox games, which are set up in such a way as to make it easy to add music to the game. They even let you specify if the music should happen only in times of war or peace. (I put a whole bunch of Civilization's music in. Plus Final Fantasy's chocobo song - just cuz.)

MANY more games need that ability, too. I've played plenty of games where the music that's in the game is just fine, but there simply isn't enough of it. I always pick on Tropico for that problem: the games typically have about an hour to 90 minutes of music. However, a game play session is a lot longer, plus the music is playing on random shuffle. Repeats happen PLENTY. After a couple of hours, I have to turn the music down. That game needs to either have a good six hours of music or go the 4X route and put in some background/ambient music.
MANY more games need that ability, too. I've played plenty of games where the music that's in the game is just fine, but there simply isn't enough of it
That's something I've run into often, especially for games that I play for hundreds of hours; that the music, no matter how great it is, just becomes repetitive after awhile just because there's not enough variety. I'm sure it's a huge expense for a game developer, but I think in this case, more is better.

I've never been comfortable with turning off the music in an "options screen" and listening to something else, for me it's a bit too distracting from the game. For me, I'd rather add to the available music tracks (or sometimes replace) for whatever scenario I'm encountering within the game.


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