Question Multiplayer games to play with someone in a different time zone

Mar 29, 2020
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A family member has recently moved to New Zealand, 12 hour time difference. We are trying to find a game that we can both play without having to necessarily be online at the same time. We are both big fans of the Chris Sawyer games as well as driving and racing games.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I believe the Civ series has a "Play by Email" turn based mode that allows you to play a game one turn at a time over an extended period.

Having a co-op Minecraft world can be a lot of fun with someone whom you don't actually see online. You can each build your own little space for each other to visit. Put a mailbox chest outside of your houses and you can leave each other presents. Someone would have to host it for the entire time though.

Factario provides a similar experience but with the added complexity of creating a giant factory in the process. Same server issue as Minecraft.


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It's been a long time for me but did Dragon's Dogma give preference to your Steam friends for its Pawn system? As long as you don't have a really crazy large set of friends, you shouldn't have much trouble finding each others' Pawn characters.

Just Cause 3 lets you compare your times and various other stats to the people on your friends list. It's definitely no racing game but there's fast driving for sure.

X4: Foundations has some sort of "visit your friends' universe" functionality but I haven't bought the game yet. The X series requires a big chunk of play time so I would say it's for serious gamers only.
A common way to play Dwarf Fortress with other people is to do a so called Bloodlines or Succession game, where each player plays for a set amount of time (in game or out of game) and then gives the save to the next player with a list of notes or complete story of what has happened.

I can imagine something like that would be doable for something like Transport Tycoon for example as well.