msi vampiric case 010x and 011c have the same size of the led strip?

Mar 3, 2021
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I have an MSI mag vampiric 011c case and my front band has broken and I can't find another one to match. I found this case MSI vampiric 010x and it has an ARGB LED strip and an integrated controller.
my question is if these 2 cases have the same size of led strip, I want to buy 010x and just take the lighting
Thanks for the help!
I've looked through both case manuals, there isn't much telling about the sort of the LED in the front panel, except that the method to power the LED is the same, using the SATA power connector/harness. You should be good to go. Thought if I were you, I'd get an ARGB or RGB LED strip and pair that with a motherboard(that has the necessary header) and replace the one that the case came with behind the front panel/fascia.
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