Mid-Week Question: If you could respec in real life, how would you redistribute your skill points?

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Feb 13, 2020
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If I had 10 points in total
First thing is first I add like 2points to knowledge
2points to creativity
1point to sexy
2points to business prowess
3points to outcome, you know you can't have all those things without expecting a good outcome
Dec 15, 2019
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Yeah, but when you win, your 0 Endurance would give you a heart attack. Assuming you even realized you won, with 0 Perception. Then when you won, your 0 intelligence would cause you to give all of it a way to a Nigerian prince who really needs it and will pay you back tenfold.

I was obsessed with Linley's Dungeon Crawl* around 15 years ago. If your intelligence dropped to 0, you'd forget to breathe and die. 0 Strength and you'd collapse under the weight of your body and die. 0 Constitution, Luck, Wisdom - pretty much everything 0 and you would die, except Charisma, if I rightly remember.

*It's a super-fun roguelike: if you're into turn-based ASCII games - Dwarf Fortress, Nethack, etc. - I recommend: http://dungeoncrawl.org/
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Nov 25, 2019
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Having become a grizzled old Dwarf in games, I would follow my own lead and throw some extra points into CON and STR.
As a part time farmer, I could really use those traits. That 18 in WIS has helped some over the years, but some days I think I wasted points on CHA - only useful in politics, used cars and high school.
My worst trait is indecision, so unless there's a feat I can select called 'Undue Confidence' I'd probably just put all my points into potion creation. That way I can make my own potions and re-spec three times a day as I continue to second guess myself and crumble in the face of minor obstacles that are millimetres outside my comfort zone.

This question made me sad and tired.
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