Question Weekend question: Which videogame outfit would you wear in real life?

PCG Jody

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Dec 9, 2019
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I ask the PCG staff a regular Weekend Question and post the answers on the site. If you'd like to throw in an answer here, I'll squeeze the best into the finished article!

This week's question is: Which videogame outfit would you wear in real life?

Do you think you could pull off Adam Jensen's trenchcoat? Dream of dressing like Jihl Nabaat from Final Fantasy 13? Are you tempted to scrounge one of those versions of V's jacket from Cyberpunk 2077 even though they seem kind of cheap? Or maybe spend too much money on Leon's jacket from Resident Evil 4? Perhaps this should just be a question about jackets.

If you've got a good image to supply that would help, especially if you want to steal a lewk from some Persona 4 character I don't know.


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With the big game coming? Time to put on some red & gold!!

(from Anarchy Online)
My wife and I once made a cosplay for the Shrouded Armor from the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. It consisted largely of random black clothing and bright red tape.

We definitely had the worst costume of anyone at the event we attended, but it was a lot of fun.

As for something to wear during regular life, I think some of the clothes in Kingdom Come: Deliverance would work well.