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Aug 26, 2020
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I have been looking for the answer to this for months its so annoying and i don't want to have to restore my system because its only the mic everything else is fine. I made the mistake of ending the windows audio device graph isolation im not sure what i did if ended the task or maybe disabled a window service that affects the audio or deleted the audio.exe then re downloaded the driver but that didn't help. I use to able to whisper into my mic, now i have to talk at a certain level or people wont be able to hear me im not trying to shout everytime just so people can hear me does anybody know or can they point me in the right direction if i need to call an audio expert or whatever i will i just dont know what to do anymore -.-

also i only mentioned windows service because months ago i wanted to lower the usage that everything on my pc uses so i kept searching for what was safe to disable i guess i should have left the audio alone :( when it was working though i remember it was using 10-15% CPU now it only uses 5% i got what i wanted but i killed my mic xD.
Have you tried uninstalling the affected device in Device Manager?

When you reboot, Windows will go thru the 'Found new hardware' dance—that just might 'kick' whatever's causing your problem.

Audio's not my thing, I always find it a PITA to troubleshoot when it glitches, so I'm probably out of suggestions now.


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