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Looking to buy a good gaming and video editing laptop, just looking for people's opinions. That ks
As @Oussebon said, we need to know your budget and country.

There are lots of good options in 2020! So it will also help us fine-tune recommendations if you can give us an idea of some of your other requirements.
  • Do you need lots of on-board storage for video files and games, or are you using an external / cloud solution for your bulk storage?
  • Do you have portability requirements? For example, does this need to be small and light enough to easily slip into a carry-on or small backpack?
  • How often will you be working off-charger and what are your battery life needs?


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Jan 17, 2020
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Can I ask why a laptop? They are nice for portability, but terrible for life expectancy. Most laptops cannot be upgraded past putting in more ram or a larger hard drive. If you travel a lot it is great, I have a use https://store.acer.com/en-us/laptops/gaming/predator-helios-300-gaming-laptop-ph317-53-77hb personally for my travels and it works very well. It runs Div 2 on high with very little frame rate drop, it runs a little hot, but never goes dangerous, would just be very uncomfortable if it was actually on your lap. Personally I just put a cooling pad under it and it's fine.


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