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Jun 12, 2022
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Hello. I just bought my first gaming computer laptop and I'm looking for free games I can download that don't require a mouse or controller. I like driving games and non shooter rpg. Thanks!


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No mouse AND no controller? Jeesh, I think you have to go back to the old DOS days for a pure keyboard game. Maybe the older Ultima games. Those cost money, but very little. In fact, it looks like Ultima 4 is free on GOG:

The older Final Fantasy games don't need a mouse, either. You won't get a free one of those, but there is a sale on.
It might even be possible to play the Remake without the mouse, but that game is expensive even on sale.
I can't really think of any good games that you can play without having a mouse and/or a controller.

Maybe, Rocket League. It's free on Epic Games and you can play it with Keyboard (personally I've never tried it with anything except a controller), but a mouse would help for some extra camera control.
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My first suggestion would be Dwarf Fortress (I suggest starting with the Lazy Newb Pack). It's really two games in one. There's an adventure mode where you're free to just wander around, recruit some companions and kill whomever or whatever you please with one of the most detailed combat systems ever made that'll allow you to choose which part of your teeth to bite your enemies with:

There's also a fortress mode where you (indirectly) control a bunch of dwarves as they try to set up a new place to live. You'll have to set up workshops, bedrooms, farms, kitchens, eating halls, temples, inns, etc. to keep your dwarves happy and dig ever deeper to mine the metal you need to equip your soldiers for when you'll inevitable get attacked by goblins, forgotten beasts or those damn elves who got pissy because you chopped down some trees.

I also found two free to play driving games:
Crossout is a free to play "post-apocalyptic MMO Action game" involving driving that's described as "Like if Mad Max and Twisted Metal had a baby in a sandbox”.

RaceRoom Racing Experience seems to be a regular racing simulator.

Assuming you have a touchpad, you can also try one of the many free to play MMORPGs out there. A lot of them don't require fast or accurate mouse movements.

not going to test GPU though

I guess you could play Pong on a keyboard, but mostly we used a controller... although tbh, calling it a controller is being nice to it, compared to what we have now.


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Oh, if you're looking to test graphics, you should try finding a graphics demo. I know NVIDIA has some going back years. Just poke around on their web site. There's that graphics testing suite, too, though now I've forgotten the name of it.
Here's a list of games with built in benchmarks and where to get them. Not all are free, but some have free demos.

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