Looking for a very rare test demo version of the game TheSting\DerClou!2 (2001)

Nov 7, 2023
Hi all! I'm looking for a very specific pre-release alpha-beta demo of the game DerClou! 2 (The Sting) 2001 by the Austrian company NEO Software. This version had very limited availability among the gaming community in Europe and possibly the USA BEFORE the game's main release. This version was in English, and is notable for the fact that instead of 2 buildings, a third one was available for robbery, depicted on the screen - in the form of an oriental palace (it is believed that it was a jewelry store). The origin of this version was not known at the time of receipt; one of the players in Europe told me about it, and in some detail (I myself was not interested in this game at that time). After the official release of the game in the spring of 2001, demo versions from all over the world no longer contained this building; it was removed, although the foundation remained. This “palace” was not in the full version either. The channels by which this version of the game got from Austria before it went on sale is still a mystery, there is no information about it, but it’s possible that someone also accidentally received it or at least remembers/can guess its origin. The building is firmly etched in his memory because when loading the theft planning mode in it, the game often crashed. This building was also on the European packaging of this game, which is how we now know for sure about its existence. Thank you in advance.

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