Solved Looking for a Point&Click adventure set in a magical medieval castle (pre 2000s)

Hi everyone,

I am looking for an old Point&Click adventure in 3rd person perspective, probably pre 2000s, made from a french team. It is set in a medieval and magical world, more specifically in an enormous castle which is also a school for magic.

The story: The main character is a young woman who has his first day at the school of magic and just arrived there. She soon realizes that there is not one single human being around and the castle is completely abandoned. She starts exploring the castle and meets a small dragon who tells her that he is in fact an enchanted student. Together they slowly find out about what happend to the teachers and students and why the dragon is a dragon, working themselves up to the top of the castle‘s towers.

The looks: 3D, really beautiful landscapes and views (especially the woods), the main character looks like an adult woman (even though the story suggests shes a teenager) with long brown hair. I believe the small dragon was purple but I‘m not sure anymore. The fact that the woman is (besides the dragon) the only person in the game, the scenery looks vast most of the times.

I do remember that the castle has a lot and sometimes very vast areas. There are magical staircases, flying islands, hidden libraries and cellars as well as a garden with magical portals.

I actually never played the game myself. However, I watched a Playthrough on youtube some years ago. I really enjoyed watching the game and now, as I have some time, I‘d love to try it out myself! I hope you can tell me what this game is called, because I am not able to find it on the web.

Edit: The game is found, it was Keepsake.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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I spent about three hours searching without finding anything even particularly close to what you described. Do you have any other clues about the gameplay, graphics or story?
Unfortunately not :/ I also had a search through my whole youtube history whithout any luck. It seems that I watched this Playthrough while I wasn't logged in... Or maybe the video was removed?
There's only one thing I haven't mentioned yet, because I am absolutely not sure about it and if I'm wrong this would lead to a completely wrong direction, When I first remembered the game I was thinking that the castle was called Keystone and that the game was called the same. However, I am not sure about this anymore.