Lian Lancool II compatible with 3080 ti?

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where would the exhaust fan go?
also wdym by exhaust fan
The exhaust fan fits in the back of the case towards the top and blows hot air out the back.

btw you could always pair this cpu up with a £200 Z690 DDR4 board.

Intel Core i7 12700KF £379.99

wdym by exhaust fan
Exhaust fan: blowing air out of the case;
Intake fan: drawing air into the case.

You want both to generate good airflow thru the case. Positioning them will dictate where the main air currents are—typically you want them blowing across your hot parts—GPU, CPU and maybe storage disks.

There are also concepts of positive pressure and negative pressure—these refer to the state of the air within the case, and are analogous to weather systems of high and low pressure. Nice article with diagrams:
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