Last character you got emotionally attached to?

I need a little more time to think about this myself, cause right now I am going completely blank. I blame it on being early in the morning and that I have just started booting up my brain again.

Who was the last video game character you got emotionally attached to?
Jul 13, 2020
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Don't let me get started with Spiritfarer.
I've bawled my eyes out when Alice was departing and was thinking to myself that I'm good with the rest and they won't affect me that much.
Then Giovanni left and broke me.
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For me it was Dina from The Last of Us: Part 2. I didn't mind that Naughty Dog decided to make Ellie a lesbian, I thought it fit her character and personality very well. It's been a very contested topic, but it seemed like a natural fit for the story. I just couldn't relate to Ellie at all, nor did I understand any of the decisions she made. I was constantly rooting for her girlfriend Dina, whose personality is much more in line with my own.

It helps that modern motion capture technology makes it easier than ever to really sell emotions in video games. I think TLoU: Part 2 is the first game to make me forget I was playing a game, at least at times. Some of the tech stuff in this game is scarily well done.

It's been so long, I don't remember. I guess the closest is the main character from Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but I only played it for a few hours and that was weeks ago. I don't even remember his name. Does he even have a name, or do you choose one?
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Jul 13, 2020
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Can't really remember last character but one of the video games characters I've grown to love is Clementine from Telltale's The Walking Dead.
I cried in season 1 and 2, 3rd season wasn't really about her and is the weakest in the series and Final season...
If someone still haven' played i cannot suggest it enough.
Boomer in Far Cry 5—now there's a GOOD doggie!
"He'll watch your back better than any man ever could." —Dutch

Best of the Fangs For Hire to help clear an outpost. Send him in to tag all the enemy, then have him take out any outliers or stragglers—he'll only be busted if he's seen attacking by another enemy.

Very good companion for general exploring too, due to his ability to tag all other nearby fauna. And when his work is done, he'll dance on his hind legs or chase his tail!

i can't remember the time i really got seriously attached to. I mean, sure XCom2 i spent a fair few hours lovingly crafting my rookies and making sure every one of them came back alive (you can find a few of my character creations on the PCGF). Generally i like to get a set of random rookies and see how they shape up. unless they are a bunch of absolutely bland bunch of individuals, i might modify them to look appealing or add one additional feature.

of course, being a vain person, the main PC character of any game is my number one person. I spend the time creating my characters like in Mass effect or in skyrim.

But away from that, its got to be the ladies right? who do you want to be your squeeze during those dark times? Ask me for specifics i can't honestly say really. Maybe triss merigold from W3, tali in Mass effect etc. But more then likely if i had the choice to pick i sort of freeze up. hell, my Stardew valley game literally came to an abrupt end when i couldn't decide who i wanted in the villiage to be my digital waifu. So i did the most obvious thing and stopped playing. i'm probably thinking too deep into this.

But are there any other characters? I dunno maybe Nick valentine from fallout 4. Big respect for him. Dog meat as well i suppose.
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The entire team/crew in Mass Effect 2/3...then I stopped investing myself emotionally in characters. Too much heart ache.

Yep. This. ME2 was probably the last time I was fully invested in the fate of game characters.

I also remember getting very attached to my final party lineup in Planescape Torment, testament to the writing and drip-feed of backstory for each character, particularly those who had a history with TNO. To be honest, PT was the last game I remember being hesitant to finish because even half a million lines of dialog wasn't enough time to spend in the world. Hyperbole over.

And oddly, despite barely remembering them now, I do recall starting a second play through of Jade Empire the second the credits rolled for the first time, partially to try out a closed fist/evil run but mainly from wanting to spend more time with the party.
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its got to be the ladies right?
I like the Johnway you think! Ok then…

Start with Tanya 'Licked and Loaded' from Red Alert—something likeable about Kari Wuhrer, whom I also saw occasionally in scifi TV show Sliders back then. Hon mention to the wonderful voice of EVA in C&C.

Next the incomparable GLaDOS from Portal, I truly enjoyed her. However, I never developed a crush on my Companion Cube :D

Amita in Far Cry 4 was a great character, but too unsympathetic to get fond of. I did like Sayla in Far Cry Primal, and had an 'Aw shucks' when Jayma the huntress announced she was heading off to the happy hunting ground.

Only other I can recall is Hannah Smith from Her Story, a fine FMV performance by Viva Seifert.
Oct 8, 2020
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For some reason I connected more with John Marston than Arthur Morgan in RDR2. Maybe just understanding the story's path led me to care about him more?

I just finished Arthur's story arc in RDR2 (still dealing with the prologue), and I got the sunshine ending. I gotta say, it was a pretty tough ending. But the real emotional attachment was with my horse I think. That moment, where Arthur whispers "Thank you" in the horses ear? Goddammit man... gut-wrenching...


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