Question Laptop Overheating (Undervoltaging does not help)

Oct 7, 2020

In the middle of my game session (GTA 5 + Spotify apps were open) I wanted to adjust the screen angle,

and at that moment I felt the laptop was quite warm. Then I opened Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and saw that temperature was 97 degrees (Screenshot 1). I reduced the input voltage value to -0.085 but it did not help. In a while (after I have lowered Core Voltage Offset) a peak of 94 degrees was reached again (Screenshot 2). Furthermore, Thermal throttling just went on (Screenshot 3).

I don't know why the temperature was so high at first place, but undervolting did not work in one other way. In the summer when it was +30 outside, lowering the Core Voltage Offset helped a lot. At that time it made a difference of 15 degrees.

Any clues how to reduce overheating ?

Ideapad L340 G
8gb ram
GTX 1650
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Jan 13, 2020
If you've tried others suggestions I'll say the following.

  • Send your laptop in for repair some-where and tell them it needs new thermal paste. The stuff needs do-doing sometimes and it could be that.
  • Get a laptop cooler pad, seriously. If you're doing intense stuff then a fan cooler under under it will help a surprising amount.