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  1. ConDeBarBarian

    AIO is not cooling CPU, reaches 80+ when launching a game

    Hi guys, I have just built a new gaming rig. Everything was running fine until I noticed the LED was lit red for CPU. I have downloaded core temp and checked my CPU temperature when loading up a game. As soon as a game is launched the LED lights up red and CPU temps climb instantly to 80-100...
  2. Lutfij

    How To How to Cool an Overheating Gaming Laptop

    As technology advances we see computers grow substantially more powerful, even as the form factor shrinks. While owning a laptop with substantial horsepower has never been easier, one drawback to all this power is that these slim, sleek machines generate substantial heat. Not every...
  3. P

    Question Laptop Overheating (Undervoltaging does not help)

    Greetings! In the middle of my game session (GTA 5 + Spotify apps were open) I wanted to adjust the screen angle, and at that moment I felt the laptop was quite warm. Then I opened Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and saw that temperature was 97 degrees (Screenshot 1). I reduced the input voltage...