Just a few highlights from my Dying Light playthrough

Hit "m" accidentally at 1:12 in the last video? Might be good we don't have the player audio on that bit. ;)
Pretty sure there's no way possible I would have accidentally hit M, which is what I've left Map bound to. This only ever happens during the fight with Mother. I'd forgotten it used to happen but when it happened again I remembered I've always had that problem with this part of the game. I Googled to see if it was a bug and found only one person saying he had it happen while playing on his laptop, but not that part of the game only like for me. A few responded, all insisting he must have inadvertently tapped the touchpad (which activates Map on laptops), despite him saying at first he didn't. They ended up convincing him he must have because apparently laptop touchpads in this game are very sensitive and can cause Map to pop up.

So I'm wondering at this point if I'm somehow stuck with a bug that apparently no one has officially declared or proved. One thing I noticed after finishing the game though is in the Other menu for The Following, Map is bound to M like I said, but Player menu was unbound. I bound it to P yesterday, but I just looked and now it shows as unbound again. Maybe if I can find a config file with all the bindings I can force a change there, and hopefully get lucky and fix the Map fluke in the process.

Hold on, back the truck up. Come to think of it, I have fairly long thumbs, and in trying to evade Mother after getting in hits I was unintentionally rolling my task chair back, which at times put me in awkward positions in relation to the keyboard. So I suppose it's possible if my chair was slid to the right, I may have inadvertently tapped M due to my left wrist being swung to the right. If I swing my left wrist like 45 degrees to the right, I noticed my thumb at that point hangs just over the spacebar at the point of the M key.

I'll know for sure when I try the game on Nightmare, at which point I will rebind Map to something else for that fight. This is what I get for being so immersed in games that my body actually reacts like the protagonist. I used to get laughed at by a friend of mine for tilting my head and leaning in my chair every time I'd make a turn in racing games. He thought I was nuts and kept saying, "You're not moving like the car is, you're just sitting in a chair!" If he only knew the effects of virtual centrifugal immersion, I tried to explain, but to no avail.
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