July Community Showcase!

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Nov 25, 2019
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July 2020 will forever be known as the month where Fat Shark announced they were making a 40K version of Vermintide. That's it. That's your intro to this month's showcase because I'm too excited by the concept of Darktide to think of anything clever. My partner keeps asking what's in the boxes I'm having delivered and I'm too ashamed to admit it's a whole lotta toy space men for me to paint, so I say that it's tools and they accept the lie - but we both know the truth.

There's also been a ton of really great threads on the boards this month - huge thanks to @Frindis for his input and suggestions. We're really happy to shine a spotlight on cool discussions you may have missed! As always a huge thank you to everyone who makes these forums a great place to hang out - you're all amazing.

Are You A Mentor In Your Game? - @DXCHASE
Mentors are becoming more and more valued in gaming. Whether it's just following a streamer or having an awesome guild leader or team mate who draws you deeper into the game, they keep life pumping in games no matter how small through force of personality and just being cool folks. Head on over to share how being a mentor makes you feel and why you do it, or give a shout-out to those folks who enrich your game time.

Story In Games - @RevoluGame
Is there a gaming story that you just can't shake off? What makes it so great? Share it here and discuss your favourite narratives. Shouting out to Final Fantasy XIV myself - I never thought I'd be so invested in an MMO's plot, but it's a work of genius. There's a lot of great suggestions here, so swing on by!

Games & Education - @MaddMann
An awesome thread about why are there so few genuinely high quality educational games. Given the shifts in priorities and how kids learn, there's a huge gap in the market for finding ways to teach while also being fun. That's not to say games lack educational value - we can all agree we've learned things from games - but is there something deeper to be mined? It's another great thread from MaddMann and well worth reading through and joining.

What Is Your Favourite Game In Each Genre?
- @McStabStab
Exactly what it says on the tin - share your favourites! A great place for suggestions and sharing little known gems, it also gets you thinking about what is your favourite game in a specific genre, rather than in general and opens your mind up to trying out new things.

New Gaming PC For Son - @Raised_by_Penguins
The hardware section has so much fantastic advice and it's always a solid read if you're looking to make any upgrades. It should also warm even the coldest heart to see people coming together to help a dad build a gaming PC for his son. Kudos to Raised_by_Penguins for the thread and for everyone who helped him out.

We'll be looking for more cool community members and threads to showcase at the end of August! As always, if someone is deserving of a call-out for being rad or you feel we've overlooked something really cool be sure to let us know. We're always looking to recognise the best of the community and regularly feature good posts in PC Gamer articles.
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