It's snowing...which game has the best snow effect?

Aug 23, 2020
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Happy New Year and all that jazz!

So. Playing Gears 5 recently, and got me thinking, in line with the weather outside. Which game has the best snow effect, and really. Are any of them more stand out than the first Metal Gear game where the guards followed your footprints? :)
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I always love winter/snow updates in games. Something about draping a map in snow while I'm sheltering from the real cold outside is just comforting. I particularly enjoy the RDO winter update where the entire map is snow and cold weather affects apply everywhere, but it generally doesn't last long enough for my taste. RDR2 in general did pretty well with the snow, the way tracks are left behind and even the sound of walking through it is pretty spot on.
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I'm behind on a lot of things, work has had me pinned as has this pandemic but I'm hopeful I can get back into the fold. After you reminded me that there was snow in AC3, it took me back to the start of that campaign, raised hairs on my arms and neck very realistic, at the time.
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RDR2 as @drunkpunk mention did it quite well and in Rise of the Tomb Raider. The Dayz mod Namalsk Island and The Long Dark also got that excellent snowy atmosphere with the latter having the most realistic snow mechanics. The snowy areas in Metro Exodus are pretty amazing and while playing on stalker difficulty you have to be extremely stealthy if you do not want to aggro the whole map. Sweden map in Colin Mcrae 2.0 also comes to mind as driving on the snow in that game was pretty kick-ass and pretty close to how it is in real life. Steep is also a game I recommend for its deep snow, making it especially fun while snowboarding. Honorable mention to Winter Games on Atari and SkiFree.
Red Dead 2 probably the best snow hands down.
You can see snow build up on you, you can see the reactions to snow on the characters through animations.
You can see the trails in the snow.

Even the Animals you carry around snow slowly builds up on their fur.

Death Stranding would probably be a close 2nd.


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