PCG Article It looks like a new Serious Sam game is coming later this month

I've never played any of them either, but I've had them bookmarked in Steam seems like forever. They reminded me more of Duke Nukem 3D with fighting aliens and Sam's one liners were reminiscent of Duke's. They look like they'd be fun, at least for awhile, but I'm always a bit leery of the final boss battles in games like that. Many times they just seem way over the top.
I haven't played one since what I think was the first one, which I remember mainly for the way it completely rinsed my Voodoo2 12MB and chugged along at 8fps. My system just couldn't handle the level size or number of enemies.

I think of them as bullet-hell shmups in the shape of an FPS, like the Painkiller series or Devil Daggers.
It is like what @Mazer mentioned. Waves of enemies are incoming ALL the time and you basically have to smash them with your sledgehammer or better. Fun games to play, cheese as hell, and also challenging. Serious Sam 2 on the hardest difficulty is so hard, you'll end up in a lunatic asylum before you have finished with it. I sht you not, try it for an hour and I promise you'll start bleeding from your eyes and cursing in six tongues.

If you want to start out more comfortable, I can recommend the Serious Sam 3: BFE. It's hard, don't get me wrong, but it starts out much easier and enemies are not THAT much of a hitscan. You obviously have to play on the hardest difficulty, because that is the only way to play these types of games. Anything easier and Serious Sam will be throwing pink spiders at you.
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No doubt, Serious Sam the First Encounter filled in a much needed gap in 2000 when Duke Nukem Forever kept getting delayed over and over. This was a time when DNF was expected to arrive by 2001.

Sam was basically time traveller from the future parody Duke, with his witty comments and dialogue, the only thing missing was the babes, unless you count the harpies, lol.
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I dont know, i loved playing Serious Sam and own pretty much all of them, but Serious Sam 4 was pretty janky and it still is. A lot of people have been complaining about issues in the game for a while and apparently a lot of the issues havent been addressed. I dont know how this will turn out, but it is only 20 bucks (its only 5 levels).

Apparently Serious Sam 4 owners are supposed to get a discount on the game too but i dont know if thats true.

As a Serious Sam player i will probably pick this up at some point considering its under 20 bucks (by me, i mean me and my wife since we play these together).
After serious sam 3 i was done with the series. Whilst killing hordes of monsters gauntlet style can be fun, that game took it so far that it became tedious, boring and down right frustrating. The game made some (serious) missteps when it came to level design. fighting monsters in the complete dark, the last level where you had to fight through that valley and collecting gas canisters for a broken down car was just awful.

Unsurprisingly i had my reservations for Serious sam 4 and i was right from the reviews. it didn't help that the serious tone the game series took just stripped all the charm out of it. I might be in the minority as i enjoyed Serious sam 2. A lot. even despite the final level (mental institute) being a bit naff and some of the jokes missed the mark.


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