Is Red Skull Summit 16552-1 Motherboard compatible with Ryzen 5 5600G?

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Jan 9, 2022
Might have to build from scratch... (sigh)

Replacement Red skull Mobo is not around anywhere I am based (Australia) and there are only two available on eBay as I see them and both are in USA and costs much more than brand new B550M board. (close to AU$300 landed)

Not sure why and Ryzen 7 2700X replacement chip is not cheap either and getting close to brand new 3600G chip.

If it is CPU issue, then replacement CPU expensive but available so can be replaced.
If RedSkull Mobo is broken and needs replacement, then it looks like dead end and might need to build one from scratch with new board.
Jan 9, 2022
Fortunate news. I took it to local computer tech and they checked and found a CPU connection issues on motherboard. It might be caused when I use a bit of force to pull the old CPU cooling fan off. They managed to repair it and it is now back to normal and my son is happy camper.

What I learned from this experience is to learn how to remove components and putting them back properly prior which would save $100 repair cost.

And, I will definitely assemble PC instead of prebuilt PC which might be cheaper and better for upgrade path.

Thank you very much for your input and guidance on this, @Lutfij

Happy gaming...


Jan 2, 2020
Thank you @decomo for the follow-up! Helps us tonnes when users come back and give some form of closure on a matter.

Yes, the best case scenario is to only upgrade your prebuilt with parts that it supports, which means you ask first and then go buy, not the other way around.

Hopefully, you also learned that tech support, often times, is hard to come by so it pays more than double(if you consider money wasn't the only resource spent, you probably lost some years in worrying) to know what can and cannot be done. The worst that can happen after you get a "no, it's not possible" before spending is a slight amount of disappointment but it's far better than the ordeal you went through.
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