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As I’ve mentioned before, Into the Breach is one of my favorite all time games. Now that the advanced edition is out I have a better reason to sink some more hours into it.

Have any of you played since the recent update? What squad did you start with? Have you won with a new squad yet? What new game mechanics do you like/dislike? Do you turn all the new features on?
I haven't played yet, but I am itching to try. 😂

I wonder what was the game plan, and they released a DLC for free? The devs are being quite generous with this release...

Maybe it's to trigger sales of the base game again for new players, too.
After all, it's an epic game if the genre scratches your itch. It's also great the update was pushed to all platforms, including GOG for those that just don't want steam.

"Time to go save more timelines. -whoosh"


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An update (note all my playthroughs right now are normal difficulty with all advanced edition mechanics turned on):

I started playing with the Cataclysm squad and was handed two losses (the second of which was one turn away from victory). So I took a break and came back with the Bombermechs squad because their mechanics seemed to be the easiest to adapt to based on the base game's mechanics. I easily got win with the Bombermechs (getting all the achievements for them as well) and then followed up with a Cataclysm victory. I only got one of the Cataclysm achievements so I'll be coming back to destroy mountains and drop vek into holes, but for now I'm moving on to the Arachnophiles. I've already had an Arachnophile loss so we'll see how this one ends up.

The additional objectives are fun. I like the "knock the mech mites off" and the "kill fewer than 5 enemies" challenges. It's a nice shake up. The new pilot abilities are cool and I've already unlocked a couple of new faces. The new Vek designs are great. The moth and whatever that snail thing is that pulls targets are both real pains in the ass but satisfying to fight against.

The only thing I'd wish for is one more island. Give me an underwater biome! Submech Squad!
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