Question I5 - 6400 only allowing me to use 1 core

Sep 3, 2020
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Hello everyone! I'm not sure if anyone has actually encountered this before. But, here's the thing. I'm currently using I5-6400 (i'm only specifying this part because this is probably the only important one) which is supposed to have 4 cores. However, ever since this desktop was repaired. It has only been using 1 core. When this was broken, a lot of its parts were replaced, namely: PSU, Mobo, RAM, and HDD. The HDD was used is an HDD from an old AIO that we had here lying around. In the BIOS, it does allow me to modify it up to 4 cores, however, when I do, it doesn't boot up. It just freezes. I've tried a lot of things. But none of them have worked. Has anyone ever encountered this problem? Thanks!