I want to build a PC for gaming which I will upgrade as months go by

Nov 23, 2020
I have a budget of £700 and I'm looking a gaming PC to easily play at 1080p +60fps. I would like it with a Ryzen CPU with an NVIDIA GPU. Despite my budget being £700 i'm gonna upgrade it as months go buy so what i'm looking for is for something that can be easily upgraded to a 8-10 core CPU and a strong GPU. Any advice please
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Are peripherals like monitor, KB and mouse included in the £700, or is that all for the box?

Go to PCPartPicker.com or Newegg's new PC Builder. Enter the CPU & GPU you plan to upgrade to later. Then you can play around with mobo & RAM combos to buy now, knowing they'll be compatible with your future plans.

PC builds should balance CPU, GPU, mobo, RAM & storage to get an overall good experience—kinda like you need 4 good tyres on your car, 3 won't do.

So spend your £700 mainly on mobo, RAM & SSD which will hold up with your later CPU & GPU upgrades—and get a sufficient PSU also.