HP Spectra X360

The Spectre X360 can be had in many different configs, including with only integrated graphics. Even the flagship gold and black model though has only a 1650 Ti, which isn't really powerful enough to play games with intense graphics, especially on it's 4K screen. Worse yet, it's overpriced for what you get.

It's kind of a boutique product at it's high config, yet falls short for avid gaming or even media production. It also can run overly hot. You could get much better gaming performance at the same price really.


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Don't know if you're asking if you can play the game on your Spectra or if you would be able to play if you got a Spectra?

Well, if it is your PC, we'll need to know what your computer's stats are. If you go into Steam, look under the Help menu along the very top, and pick System Information, it will provide more than enough info on what you have.


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