How's your first Cyberpunk 2077 run been going?

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Happy New year everyone! 27% in and roughly 60 hours of playtime. The main story is still excellent, and some of the side quests got a real kick to them. The sound, visuals, and exploration part of the game are fantastic and one of the big reasons I love this game. You FEEL like you are in Night City! Character customization and crafting need some fine-tuning as it is a wobbly mess right now. Bugs are showing more and more and if it were not for the rapid saving cyberware I installed sometime back in the '90s, I might never have gotten this far in the game. Some of the worst bugs are basically instakill if you walk on some objects (try to survive walking on the landfill in a straight line) unable to move due to being glitched into someplace hellish or sound suddenly disappearing completely from every NPC in the world, including the silver tongue himself. You really need to have some major love for this genre if you are going to survive in Night City, as it can be as crumbling as Arasaka Tower.
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