Question How to upgrade RAM memory

Jun 20, 2020
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So I bought a cyber power PC from bestbuy and it’s been great but the 8GB ram has filled up fast. My PC has four slots for a DDR4 ram but do I need to find the exact RAM that’s in there? Because I’m not finding it. Or can I buy new RAM’s and just replace it? How would I transfer the memory from the current RAM to the new RAM? PC currently has one teamgroup Vulcan 8gb DDR4 3000. Thanks for any advice
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Inspireless Llama

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Just to check, is it actually ssrd ram (which I can find no google results on) or is it DDR4 RAM?

Have you checked what is using so much RAM? Most games should still be able to run at 8GB, but if you have a browswer with 65 tabs open at the same time (like I do) it might get full quicker.

Also, what games do you play?

OsaX Nymloth

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You are mixing RAM with storage space. You bought from Cyber Power, do you know the model? You would need to buy bigger SSD drive, not add more RAM (DDR4) and yours is either M.2 drive or SATA one so their location may vary depending on which one you got.


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