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  1. kaeksen

    What motherboard do fit these memory chips?

    Which motherboards can work with these memory (ram) SK Hynix HMT41GU6BFR8A-PB 4x8GB (32GB Total) 2Rx8 PC3L-12800U Desktop Memory. 8gb 2Rx8 PC3L-12800U-11-13-B1 HMT41GU6BFR8A-PB-NO-AA 1528 Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM; Capacity: 8GB each Pins : 240 Pin; Bus Type: PC-12800 Error Correction: Non-ECC...
  2. B

    Question How to upgrade RAM memory

    So I bought a cyber power PC from bestbuy and it’s been great but the 8GB ram has filled up fast. My PC has four slots for a DDR4 ram but do I need to find the exact RAM that’s in there? Because I’m not finding it. Or can I buy new RAM’s and just replace it? How would I transfer the memory from...
  3. D

    XMP or Dual Channel

    Hi guys, so I'm using two different 8gb ram sticks (16 gb total both being 1600 MHz) in my desktop. This obviously implies I can't use XMP Profile. However, because I have a 4 slot motherboard with dual channels, each stick can still run on its own channel. I have the opportunity to swap my 2...
  4. D

    Is it possible to user damage and bend pins of an undamaged DDR3 memory DIMM connector socket?

    Hi I inserted a memory module into a DDR3 240 pins DIMM connector-socket of a new EVGA motherboard. First insertion of a memory module in that motherboard memory socket.. Being that DIMM sockets connectors have to have both latches down, are keyed for inserting the memory module only one way...