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Aug 23, 2021
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Since release of Warzone and like many other people, I've been suffering significant packet loss. This doesn't happen for ANY other game I play, or even Modern Warfare standard multiplayer. Up until recently, it would fluctuate between 10%-40% during warm-up and the early game. After approximately 90 players remain, it would drop almost completely off, down to 5% or less. After 70 players, 0. This is not ideal, as approximately the first 7 minutes of the game I would be at a significant disadvantage.
I tried many things. Of course my router has all correct ports forwarded, NAT displayed as open in options menu. UPnP on. UPnP off. DMZ. QoS. Always the same packet loss structure as detailed above. I started running Resource Monitor and Performance Monitor. Both show 0% packet loss on my end. Watching the network connections to find the IP addresses connected during gameplay then use command prompt to ping them. 0% packet loss on most. Unable to reach on some others.
I resigned myself to just having to deal with this issue that none of my friends playing with me understand, because it doesn't happen to them. We could deal with it, I would just have to be extra careful. Then the Black Lives Matter "patch" came out, and I'm unsure how a load screen could have such a drastic effect, but my packet loss became exponentially higher. It gets up over 350% during the early game, fluctuating between 150%-400%. I imagine that since you can't lose more packets than you send, anything above 100% means the packet is sent and lost multiple times. Similar taper-down as listed above, at 90 players, it's in the 40% to 90% range. At 70 it has mostly gone down to the single digits, and under 60 it's back to 0.
I dealt with this for a few days. Unbearable is the correct word. Yesterday was the breaking point. The only suggestion I've seen on Reddit that I hadn't tried was buried in a post that got 3 likes and seems stupid.
I downloaded what amounts to a "gaming VPN" from my understanding, called ExitLag. Free 3 day trial. Booted up, turned it on. Select the closest data center hosting Warzone. Launch the game. 0 packet loss. Anywhere. Under any circumstances I can put myself in. Stupid stupid stupid stupid.
I'm more upset that this worked than I am about the packet loss to begin with.
I live in a major metropolitan area. I have 600mb up and down. A+ ratings on every speed test I've taken. The nearest data center is under 800 miles away. I have response time in the single digits when I ping these servers manually. I have no idea what Activision/Infinity Ward is doing in regards to where they route my data, but the fact that one of the most valuable franchises in video gaming can't figure this out, but a third party can make it work with under 5 minutes of setup time on my end is laughable and insulting.
Nobody should have to pay money to a third party to make this game run properly. The fact that my options right now are to suffer unplayable packet loss or shell out $6 a month to not have it is absurd. It isn't a lot of money, but it's the principle of it.
Fix. Your. Game.

TLDR: Packet loss makes the game unplayable and Activision can't or won't fix it despite being a known issue. Paying any amount of money to a third party VPN in order to fix it is an unacceptable solution, but is currently the only thing that has worked for me.

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10%-40% during warm-up and the early game. After approximately 90 players remain, it would drop almost completely off, down to 5% or less. After 70 players, 0
That suggests something between their server and your screen can't handle the load of the full game, but then improves as the load drops off. Perhaps your ISP caps Warzone transfer?

More likely I suppose that it's your hardware, so:
What resolution and settings—high, medium…—do you play at?
What GPU do you have?
What CPU do you have?

It would be useful to include your PC specs, so the experts here can eliminate other possible bottlenecks.
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