How soon before a game release do you enjoy a reveal?

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It actually doesn't matter that much to me. Usually I always enjoy a reveal of a game that I'm waiting for. However I don't like when a game comes out a few days after the reveal. There were a few examples of that (e.g. Fallout Shelter or Gwent: Rogue Mage). This doesn't build a proper hype and is simply less entertaining. If I'm waiting for a game, I like to watch some trailers before it's released, read about the gameplay, see screenshots, discuss all these things with friends etc. When a game is released almost instantly after the reveal, there's no room for that. Developers that release their games instantly resign from a free marketing campaign.
Depends on the depth of the reveal and how much work they've done on it already. If it's still in the concept/planning stages? Don't even tell us, because not only might it never come to pass, but its form may change drastically between the initial pitch/presentation and the release product. If you're mostly done and are polishing? A year is fine.

Just don't drop a trailer with what looks like a finished world two years in advance, or in the case of TES6, four or more years before the release.
Apr 26, 2021
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Genuinely case-by-case and dependant on my faith in the developers in question.

Like if the game is almost guaranteed to become a success, say: it is made by a (indie) developer that knows how to knock it out of the park. i don't mind hearing about it early and have a slow trickle of information over time. BUT when i got too much uncertainty, e.g. with a AAA published title that tends to be a hit or miss. I tend to roll my eyes at early reveals and rather have that they wait till they are closer to release so they can show more.

Automatic fail for me is if one releases only a cinematic teaser for something still years away. Looking at you bethesda and ubisoft...