How often do you get stuck (can't figure out how to continue) in games?

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That was at the end of the tutorial/beginner region. Kinda like saying you enjoyed Elder Scrolls: Oblivion until you got out of the prison, only less absurd. ;)
I had thought that it was further along in the game than the tutorial section, but that's what I get for thinking. It's a pretty old memory anyway and I just remember being disappointed and frustrated in how the gameplay mechanics completely changed, and the arcade-like sections made me decide to just drop the game.

Originally, I greatly looked forward to this game before it released, because Divine Divinity, even with all it's bugs was (and is) one of my favorite RPGs, and Beyond Divinity was pretty good also, and it felt like Divinity 2 was a huge leap forward for Larian. It just didn't work for me.


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