How much would you sell a used 2080 FE for? (UK) (mid-July 2021)

Jan 17, 2020
On eBay UK, RTX 2080's currently start at £600 (Buy It Now).

That's for a Zotac Amp Edition / MSI Ventus 8G V2 / Palit Dual Fan.

Would you say that's also a good price for a Founders Edition? Or are FE cards worth more/less than the cards mentioned above?
Depends on the market in your area TBH. If you see your card going for a general amount on ebay or fb marketplace, or whatever app/site does that stuff near you, id say go with those prices. Here i could probably sell a 2080 FE for 700-900, quick look at ebay shows them as low as 510 and as high as 1k. So it comes down to what you personally feel you need/want for it. I'd say stay on the lower end of your area and sell it at a resonable price due to the low amount of cards available from the newest series and that you dont want to be a scalper do you? lol