Final touches on planning a new build - looking for feedback/advice and help deciding on a case!

Jul 14, 2020
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Hello - new poster here :)

I recently came into a bit of money, and decided it was a good idea to upgrade my old PC to a completely new one. My old PC isn't bad by any stretch ( i7 5820k/32GB RAM/GTX 1080), but I figure by using this money to upgrade now I'll get better performance and not have to think about it for a good few years to come.

I've decided to build a complete new system from scratch, letting me then sell my old one once I'm done which allows me a bit more into my budget. I've set a decent budget of £2,500 (~$3,100, but prices are generally a bit more expensive here), but I'd rather not spend the whole lot if I can. It'd be nice to have a bit left over for a new keyboard and some other bits!

So, my current planned system is as follows:
Intel i9 10900k
MSI MAG Z490 Tomahawk Motherboard*
RTX 2080 Super
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 2x16GB
Corsair RM750 PSU**
I'll be taking the EVO 970 M.2 drive out of my current PC and putting a spare M.2 in there to sell it, so drive is already covered.

Without case/cooler, it's currently sitting at about £1680 at current prices, or £1520 if anyone decides to sell the CPU for RRP.

I'm still totally undecided on a case or a cooler. My current build has a CoolerMaster Haf XB Evo and I love it, the horizontal motherboard placement is really nice and its got amazing airflow - but of course it'll go with the old PC. I'm honestly open to just buying the same case again, but its one downside is it's not great for looking at the insides, and I'm trying to make this new build a bit prettier instead of entirely functional - so my first "help me" suggestion would be a case! Ideally I don't want to go over £150-200 on the case but may consider it if one is truly amazing - and of course if there's something great for less I'm very open to it.
Cooler-wise I'll probably go for an AIO of some kind, I currently have a CoolerMaster 240 and it's great, open to suggestions on specifics but it'll depend on the case :)

*Next, the motherboard. Honestly I've never really understood motherboards, there seems to be very little difference for a huge price jump in a lot of cases. The tomahawk seemed a pretty good bet, its a decent price while not being a cheap brand, and it does everything I need (holds stuff together and has a few USB ports). However, depending on the case I'd end up with, would I need a full ATX board? Maybe I could go for something smaller, I've only ever had ATX builds since I started building so not too familiar with going smaller!

**PSU. Corsair have served me well, my current one has been going strong since 2012, two builds ago now. It's a modular PSU which is a must for me, but would 750 be overkill? I ran a calculator that said I should aim for 650-700, but that was accounting for a water cooling loop which I've since found was a bit too expensive for what it offers... But, the price difference between a 650 and 750 was minimal. If the 750 would offer any advantage in terms of headroom I'll keep it, but if there's no advantage I'll drop to a lower one.

FINALLY: I know nvidia are rumoured to announce the next cards (RTX3080?) soon. Considering I'm not actually in any rush, would it be worth me waiting for them and either A) getting a new card or B) just getting the 2080S at whatever reduced price it ends up being? I don't really know how much cards drop by when new ones launch, the 1080 was a pretty easy choice as I wanted VR and it launched right as I was looking to upgrade.

The "metadata" if you will, extra stuff the sticky suggested:

Approximate Purchase Date: Depends on if I wait for 3080 or not

Budget Range: £2500/$3100

What will your machine be used for? High end gaming, programming/games development

Are you buying a monitor: No

Parts to Upgrade: Everything!

Do you need to buy OS: No

Preferred Website(s) for Parts?
Anywhere reputable is fine, but as I'm UK Overclockers/Scan/Amazon are best bets.

Parts Preferences:
Ideally sticking with Intel/Nvidia but I'm open to being convinced otherwise.

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: No

Your Monitor Resolution: 1440p (but I currently game at 1080 for better fps)

Any help/advice/feedback on any of the choices are more than welcome, and sorry for the long thread!
Considering I'm not actually in any rush, would it be worth me waiting for them and either A) getting a new card or B) just getting the 2080S at whatever reduced price it ends up being?
I'd wait for the RTX 3080 and / or the AMD equivalent and see what they offer. Old gen cards don't always get an attractive enough discount to make them worth it when new GPUs launch.

What make and model is your current monitor?
Jul 14, 2020
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Alright, quick update!
I happened across an i9 10900k going a bit cheap today, so snatched it up, so I'm pretty much locked into the build now!

I've narrowed my cases down to four choices:
- Lian-Li PC-011
- ThermalTake View 51
- ThermalTake Level 20HT
- Fractal Define 7

or, the ideal 5th choice but seems discontinued and out of stock everywhere:
- ThermalTake Core X5

Has anyone used any of these and if so, what are your thoughts on them? I'm currently swaying a bit towards the Level 20HT, but it seems to be really big which is putting me off a bit.
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