Deals How much would you pay for this build ? (looking for advice on a new PC)

May 12, 2021
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Hello, I'm looking for a second hand PC (because of the GPU situation).

I can get this build : I7 9700KF/GTX 2070/32Gb DDR4/H310M-A r2.0 motherboard/250Go SSD = 950€ (1140$)

Is this a fair price ? I'm looking for a PC that can run consistently on 144hz 1080p for the next few years. I play mostly FPS.

Why Are You Upgrading: My I7 4770K and GTX 780 are starting to struggle very hard on newer games.

Budget: 1000€ (1200$) all included (second hand ftw)

Approximate Purchase Date: This month

Use Case: I just want to run my games at competitive FPS and quality (Normal-Ultra). Games like Warzone are the most demanding in hardware (among the games I play).

Parts to Upgrade: Whole damn PC

Are you buying a monitor: No

Your Monitor Resolution and desired frame rate: 1920x1080 144hz

Preferred Website(s) for Parts? : Local second hand websites

Parts Preferences: Whatever brand

Overclocking: Maybe

I'm not looking to upgrade my current PC, I will resell it to compensate for my new build purchase.
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