How much smoother does RDR2 run on pc than console?

Mar 30, 2020
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Hi everyone, I played RDR2 on console and in my opinion it was glitchy. I remember in camp NPCs would initiate conversation, but their dialogue wouldn’t play. I also remember chopping wood and Arthur’s hair would bleed through his hat. I‘m being picky I know.
The answer to this is directly related to how powerful your rig is. The PC version is by default, the technically superior one to play.

Maxed out at 4K on a 65''TV, it was a near-religious experience in terms of immersion. Never noticed any serious or distracting glitches, but our mileage may vary.
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Apr 26, 2020
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I second the post above me. Although my GPU is a little bit on the weaker side, playing RD2 on 3440x1440 on medium gave me the tinglingy feeling of playing the game for the first time again.
Well, clipping issues for characters and their gear is almost a given for any game that lets you have different outfits. Hair and headgear and chins and collars and the like are especially notorious for clipping. It just a fact of gaming in general. I've seen a few other glitches in the game but they haven't been common so I'd say it's pretty technically solid that way. I have yet to see any thing ridiculous as I've seen in some clips on YouTube.

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I ran only in a few glitches. I think I can remember 4, one was with clothing and a sheriff star floathing in the air, the other one was a owl sitting in midair. Then there was an issue with a tent at some camp.

The most annoying was "jumping trees" which apparently had to do with some graphic settings. I changed some and managed to make it better but it still would happen sometimes.


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