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    Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC worth the price?

    In last 7 months I finished Cyberpunk 2077 twice, finished Witcher 3 and its expansions for the third time, completed Saints Row 3 remastered, 4 & Gat out of hell once. Although the last one was like a speed run to finish the story. Now I have added RDR2 in my steam cart. Just needed some...
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    Question Good enough for Red Dead Redemption 2?

    Hey, y'all! I'm new here and really don't know much about gaming on a PC (or in my case a gaming laptop), I mainly play on my PS4 (and hopefully the PS5 soon). But I did get the Lenovo Legion Y540 with a coupon which allows me to get a game for only 1 €. I chose to go for Red Dead Redemption 2...
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    How much smoother does RDR2 run on pc than console?

    Hi everyone, I played RDR2 on console and in my opinion it was glitchy. I remember in camp NPCs would initiate conversation, but their dialogue wouldn’t play. I also remember chopping wood and Arthur’s hair would bleed through his hat. I‘m being picky I know.