How many Games per Month really interest you?

On average, of course. "Interest" meaning you will probably buy at some point, unless they prove a real mess in early players' hands.

I ask because I can't remember the last time I was interested in 3 games releasing in one month. Next month—October 2021—such a momentous confluence of the gaming planets occurs:
Far Cry 6;
Crysis trilogy remastered;
Age of Empires 4.
I will almost definitely buy all those at some point in the future, whenever they meet my Patient Gamer parameters. Who knows, I might even drop a Xmas pressie hint…

I know many of you play a lot more games than I do, so I'm expecting some high numbers here!
Games I probably will buy a month: 0.2.
Games I would buy a month if I actually had time to play them: probably around 3.

These are very loose estimates though, as I don't really follow gaming news all that closely any more. This forum is basically my main source of news now.

There's only one game I know I will probably end up buying, Total War: Warhammer 3, and I'll probably pick up the DLC for Civ VI at some point, seeing as how I already own the base game and my wife was obsessed with Civ V for a while.
Now that you mention it? if i wishlist is any thing to go by, a lot. That said i don't actively watch/read up on games until much much later. As a cheap skate i never buy games when they first come out and only on special offers. So stuff like resident evil 8 i would have a passing glance at metacritic and stuff but i don't zealously seek out reviews, trailers etc. That would spoil the fun.

BUT contrary to this i have been paying a very keen interest in Chivalry 2 snooping around the discord and reddit (even doing some fanart of sorts so look out for that soon!). But the complaining about the game dying, TB's ineptitude etc has put a dampener and i kinda regret not trying the open beta. Plus i don't have time to play online games these days. So...
Aug 10, 2021
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i usualy buy a game or two every week or every couple of weeks but they werent really planned, its come up on a steam sale.
im currently waiting for two games but im hoping the actual min spec will not be to high for my computer,as only thier guessed spec is on steam up to now.
AWAY-the survival game (which comes out on tuesday i believe,if anyone else has ever wanted to play as a sugar glider-the time is now,lol) and FORZA go for the new farcry but my laptops useless,it wont even be able to run some of the old farcrys on bringing the RAM up to 32gb at christmas so hopefuly that will help,the GPU not so much.
It really varies radically for me from month to month. Different sales throughout the year, mainly on Steam or GOG, can fluctuate that total. But those are usually games that have been out for awhile (sometimes years), and I'm assuming (always dangerous) that you're talking about new releases, so in that context, I'd guess my monthly average for any given year would be around 0.5 (or less).

I watch & wishlist a lot of games, but I rarely make a day 1 purchase of a game unless I know I'll love it (although I screwed that up with a day 1 purchase of Cyberpunk 2077 last December). This year, the last 2 "new" games I purchased on release were the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and most recently Diablo 2 Resurrected, and even those games, while new, are also old (if that makes sense). The only other 2 games I currently have on my radar that may possibly release this year are Elex 2 and the System Shock Remaster, and they're still listed as "coming soon", so it's no sure thing.
Sep 10, 2020
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Ugh, way too many? :ROFLMAO:

There were/are so many interesting releases in September, but I don't think I bought any of those. Because my pile of shame is huge and it's not getting better if I keep buying games, although I'd really like to play them... hm.

I often also wait for reviews (if unsure) or sales. It's not "worth" to pay 60 bucks when I'll play the game maybe five years later :( if you know what I mean.

Pile of Shame is ruining my gaming experience. :unsure:
On average, of course. "Interest" meaning you will probably buy at some point, unless they prove a real mess in early players' hands.

It really depends on how much attention I'm paying. As far as big releases go, I think October and November of this year are really going to be outliers for me. I'm not going to buy all of them right away, but from October I'm interested in Far Cry 6, Back 4 Blood and Age of Empires 4. In November, I'm looking at Forza Horizon 5, Farming Simulator 21, Icarus, and maybe Jurassic World Evolution 2. Most months, however, there aren't any big releases I'm interested in. Out of those listed above, the ones I'm planning to buy immediately are Far Cry 6, Farming Simulator 21 and Forza Horizon 5 (I have Xbox Game Pass, but I really want a good experience on this game, so I'm buying it on Steam).

Two other games I thought I was buying this year were Total War Warhammer 3 and Dying Light 2, but they got delayed (fortunately for my wallet).

In addition to these, I will occasionally rummage through the new indies on Steam and find a game or two that look good. I'm really trying to do that less, though. I have just a ridiculous amount of games.


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On average, of course. "Interest" meaning you will probably buy at some point, unless they prove a real mess in early players' hands.
Well, that's basically asking how many games I play a year / 12. Normally, I guess it would be around one a month on average. In the past five years, games have been getting longer so that number has been going down.

If I were retired and nice people were taking care of my house/yard so I could game all I wanted, that number would likely be about 50% higher. There are plenty of games that get on my wish list that I later have to drop simply because I can't fit them in. I would love to play them - but not quite as much as other games on the list.
if you're asking
See below :)
I'm assuming (always dangerous) that you're talking about new releases
Yep. Of the new releases in any given month, how many tweak your 'Must get sometime' bone?

Eg I can only recall two in the first 9 months of this year—Old World and Humankind—altho for sure I wishlisted maybe a dozen indies, but I may never get and/or play those, if my track record so far holds. Then 3 come along in October alone, as per OP.


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Yep. Of the new releases in any given month, how many tweak your 'Must get sometime' bone?

I misunderstood you then. I was convinced that you're talking about newly released games that are bought instantly. :)

It's hard to tell how many new games I'm interested in per month because they're released irregularly (in the summer for example usually no big game is released). I usually add something to my wishlist every month, but these frequently include games that were released some time ago. The numbers aren't big for sure. I have a big backlog and not always have time for longer gaming. :)