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Aug 23, 2020
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Hi All

So, I've been buying PC Gamer over this lockdown period. Love the variety of the articles.
There is a section I really like where the magazine reviews 'older' games. Forget the segment name.

Alas. I'm currently playing 'Brothers, a tale of two sons' I first owned this when if came out in 2013 on my Xbox 360.
Now playing on Steam. 7 years! Still not finished it.

What campaign have you started, and would like to finish soon....

Others on my list
Red Dead 2

I've started both upon the day they came out, and still playing. (Of course there are a million games in my steam account where it says 'Total Playing Time 1 minute' Which I have no desire to play until the credits)
Jul 13, 2020
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Well it depends on the game.
I'm just finished Creepy Tale, a puzzle adventure in around 3h and wrapped up Borderalands 3 that I was playing with my friend after 103h.
I usually always have 1 game that I can jump in and out at moments notice (currently Hades), one multiplayer with quick matches (playing Early Access Primordials of Amyrion) and one beefy game (finished Borderland 3, spot reserved for Cyberpunk 2077)

Ofc I don't have that much time for playing and my friend just noticed yesterday when we finished Borderlands 3 that we started playing in March.
So yea...

Just play what you enjoy and are having fun with.
Absolutely forever. I'll start a game and get into it. I'll then put it down and not play for a few months. On return, I realise I don't have a clue what I'm doing, so I start a new game. The vicious circle continues.

I now prefer episodic games, or games that can be completed easily in a weekend. Massive open world games? Nah, I will never get around to it.
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Oct 8, 2020
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Good question. Usually I start and finish a game without switching to others. It depends on the game I guess. At the moment I invest all my time in the campaign of RDR2 and I'm about 60hrs in and just started the last chapter. I did start and finish Inside though, and started with Limbo, but I got frustrated with dying so much... That stupid boy really gets on my nerves.

As a lefty I basically change all the keybindings, so switching to another game means getting used to a whole new set of keybindings, which can be very confusing and makes it hard to switch back. In general, depending on the scale of the game of course, I think I finish a game in about 2 to 4 months I guess? AC Odyssey took me a bit longer, around 95hrs and probably around 5 or 6 months, I think?

Also I dread the ending of a game. After so many hours and time spent investing in a character and the story I always feel a bit sad to say goodbye.

Arthur Morgan is my bro yo... And we just heard he's got
I'm not crying, you are... :grimacing:
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It depends. A lot of games just don't have endings or have New Game+ or Season Passes. I used to love the older Call of Duty SP campaigns but now they are just too expensive for a short campaign with MP that I'm not interested in.

Last game that I got to the end of was AC: Odyssey. But I'd barely covered all of the side quests and only uncovered less that half of the cult. Might try that on New Game+ when I'm bored with this leagues Path of Exile.
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On return, I realise I don't have a clue what I'm doing, so I start a new game.
It might be easier to pick up than you think. I keep doing that with No Man's Sky. Get bored, wait months (or years), get back in again. When I come back in, I can't remember how to even scan a critter or steer my ship. What I do remember sometimes changes, too (where'd all the plutonium go!?). But, after a few frustrating hours, I re-learn and all is well with the world again. It's way faster than trying to build everything up from nothing.

If it's the kind of game that keeps track of completed quests, reading those can help with the story.
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Aug 24, 2020
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I can't remember the last time I completed a game. I think it was Final Fantasy XV, over a year ago. Sometimes I get into a game so much I'll beat it in a week or two, like that one. Sometimes I go for a year focusing on my art, without getting into any game enough to actually beat it.. I have been playing Final Fantasy 13 since the pandemic began, but have yet to complete it. I pick away at it every other weekend.
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It varies wildly for me. Some games, like Outer Worlds, I'll complete in a week or two. Others, like The Witcher 3, I played over the span of two years. Mass Effect 3 took me a month, Pillars of Eternity took me four years (and I still haven't played the DLC), and I've no idea how long the first Divinity Original Sin is going to take me, if I ever finish it.

Full disclosure, though, I have a bad habit of losing track of a game and never returning to it. Which is why I love Galaxy 2.0, I can look at all the games I have in one setting, making it a little less likely that I'll forget a game exists. For instance, I just now remembered I still have yet to play Rise of the Tomb Raider.
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I just finished C&C Remastered, which I started in June when it came out—only game I bought new when it came out since the 00s if I recall correctly. $20 for 2 full games + 3 expansions, so 'on sale' by my book. ~150 missions, getting maybe 5/week, plus detours into Civ6 & Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, so yeah, 6 months.
On return, I realise I don't have a clue what I'm doing, so I start a new game
That's usually my case with Civ games. Either that or I know I've won/lost by mid game so I'll roll another since I prefer the early 3Xs of the 4X—I doubt I've finished more than 5% of Civ games since 00s.

Same with other games where I don't like the 2nd half, like the original Far Cry or Crysis1 & expansion—I never finished them on replays.
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It definitely depends on the game for me. This year I replayed the ME1-3 Trilogy, fully modded from the Nexus, and that's such a great experience, playing them back to back to back. So immersive, I just always get caught up in the characters and the over arching story, even though I've played them many times over the years. It just never gets old.

Also replayed Skyrim SE (modded) for several hundred hours, and am slowly modding FO4 for another run, probably in January. Skyrim SE (and years ago Skyrim, also known as "Oldrim") and FO4 have a permanent spot on my SSD. I mod them with roughly 200-225 mods, and play them about every 12-18 months. Each playthrough is a different experience. It's the mods available that make those games. It's like plopping down a big wad of play dough in the middle of your desk, and making whatever you want.

Most recently, I replayed Dragon Age Origins, DA2, and am currently about midway through Dragon Age Inquisition. Another great series that I find myself replaying, with DAO being the standout RPG of that trio. DA2, while I enjoy the story, has some gameplay issues I don't really like, the same could be said for DAI. But the over-arching story is there.
I'm really, really slow. I have a tendency to play a bit too many games at the same time and at times that makes me forget some of the important stuff for progressing in the game and I have to read up on a lot of stuff so I am not fumbling completely in the dark. I'm also a BIG wuss when it comes to horror games and while this is mainly because I am "scaring" myself into not playing the game, it is also in a way hyping myself for the next playthrough. Now, with Resident Evil 7 Biohazard this cat and mouse game with myself has been going on for over 1 year now. When I do start playing it again (hopefully soon) I'm probably going to die from a heart attack because of the mental overhyping thing I do.
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with Resident Evil 7 Biohazard this cat and mouse game with myself has been going on for over 1 year now
My money's on the cat—go Tom!

I mod them with roughly 200-225 mods

I fret if installing a second mod will interfere with the primary one I want. But really, do you install 200 mods at the same time, or is it some sort of rolling in-out practice?
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My money's on the cat—go Tom!


I fret if installing a second mod will interfere with the primary one I want. But really, do you install 200 mods at the same time, or is it some sort of rolling in-out practice?

Hey Brian-
Yeah, my average mod load order is a little over 200 when I play Skyrim SE or FO4, and if you look at some of the posts in the Steam forums for those games, I'm really on the low end of what a lot of players use. Steam forums can be a habitat for trolls, but the Skyrim SE & FO4 are monitored closely by a few dedicated players & modders.

Modding is somewhat a game in itself. I can take me 2-3 weeks to complete a working stable load order. That includes checking requirements for a mod, conflicts, and patches. I keep notebook by my PC for each game I mod, keeping notes on what each mod requires or conflicts with, then slowly install each mod, sometimes stopping and doing a test run to check for any issues. Those are the only 2 games I mod to that degree.

FONV I mod, but only average about 35-50 mods in a playthrough. It's such a great game when modded, but I find it less stable than either Skyrim SE or FO4.

I just finished a modded run this summer/fall of the ME 1-3 Trilogy. Not many, maybe 6-10 for ME1, maybe double that for ME2, and roughly 40 or so for ME3. You can make those games, even ME1. look like they were made in the last few years. I didn't find anything to change the combat mechanics, but I can live with that.

So if you're concerned about a 2nd mod interfering with the 1st, it's really just a matter of checking for compatibility between the mods. There's a lot of helpful tutorial videos & articles on the Nexus, for those interested in mods.
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