How Is Your Gaming Expereince with GeForce NOW?

Mar 11, 2020
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If you are a person who uses GeForce NOW sometimes or all the time, how has your experience been with the platform? And what games are most enjoyable on GeForce Now for you?

I personally use it occasionally when I'm not at my gaming setup, World of Warships has been my go to game to play on the platform, and it works great since it's a slower title. Even with a spotty 2.4ghz wireless connection I can play WOWS without any issues. (I will get the occasional bitrate drop due to the 2.4ghz wifi, but that's the only issue i have.)
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Jan 17, 2020
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I actually ended up getting it for my nephew. He loves to play Destiny 2 and Wreckfest with me, but he has a pretty crappy HP All-in-one from about 5 years ago. It has worked more or less fantastic for us, although I also had to go purchase an external NIC card for him as the data needs to be extremely consistent for the streaming to work. One small issue I have is it does not work while using VPN. I am a rather paranoid person and I also (usually) spend a lot of time in Airports and hotels, so I have my VPN on most of the time.

Past there, the only thing that is dragging it down a bit is devs who pull their games from it for reason's I don't understand. This platform does not sell games (for now) it only streams games you already own.


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