How good would Aliens be vs telephathy?

Jan 11, 2020
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So I was just recruiting some armies in Stellaris and I’m making them a mix of Telepaths and Xenomorphs. In my head the telepathic Enlightened (my species) are mind controlling the Aliens and using them as weapons directly (as opposed to just letting them loose near the enemy and hiding). And that got me wondering - how mind controllable would Aliens be? I assume mind control is harder the more intelligent a creature is, and easier to more animalistic it is, but then if animal have strong instincts that might make it harder. Aliens are clever (they cut the power!) but still not really shown to be people level intelligent, so that would suggest they’re kinda easy. But also their vibe is ultimate scary monster, with the overwhelming urge to destroy non-aliens, does that make it hard? Also nothing should be that easy against the ultimate scary monster should it?

So, say you’re introducing Aliens in an RPG which also includes mind control, how resistant to mind control do you make them?


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