how about this game ?

I'd like to know if this game is worth it
Harrumph, again those guys above have been in the pub all day—so difficult to get good help these days :(

As the only sober person in the thread, I can assure you that this game is indeed worth it. I've replayed it maybe a dozen times, and it reveals new secrets every time—most likely due to there being 25 different endings.


Playing tips:
Don't trust the elves;
Invest in rust-proofed armor—or else don't go in the water;
Get a firebrella early on, you never know when the first dragon will appear;
Always drink from a wooden saucer;
Beware the red mark;
Watch out for little barbed pests hanging upside down from branches—to deal with them, you need the anti-Colif spell 🙃

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