High end PC underperforming in Minecraft

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Jun 5, 2020
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I just bought a new pc and for some reason it is under performing in minecraft of all games, its not too bad I get around 100-130 frames on average but in higher quality games like Modern Warfare I run on max settings with 144fps consistently. I've tried every trick in the book (youtube) and nothing has worked any help would be appreciated.
CPU: Intel i7-8700K
GPU:Gigabyte Windforce OC RTX 2070 Super
Ram:16gb 3200 mhz ram
Hi, and welcome.

I would suspect, and this post seems to confirm that Minecraft is one of those games that is heavy on the CPU. In that case your rig may well be performing as normal. Especially if its working fine in everything else, and assuming your temperatures are all normal during MInecraft.

All those blocks in the world might not be graphically intense, but there's a lot of calculations involved for the processor to go through behind the scenes. That being the case, there's not much you can do assuming all the tips and tricks youve tried haven't helped already. Your CPU is still one of the fastest for gaming there is.

I don't play Minecraft myself, so perhaps someone else has some better ideas though.
@oGiezi The fact that you get no improvement from lowering settings points directly to a CPU bottleneck.

What resolution are you playing at? Another way of testing for a bottleneck would be to lower the display resolution via the in game settings and see if that ups the frame rate. If you still max out around the same, that again points to being limited by the CPU.

Providing that you've tried other tricks and they've all failed, and that others here don't have any other ideas for a magic bullet 130FPS might be all you will get.

If you're talking about playing COD, Tomb Raider or whatever other AAA action games single player, for the most part they aren't as hard on the CPU. You'll get lower frame rate dips in a game of 10 year old Starcraft 2 then you would Doom Eternal, its not about fidelity.
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