Help with swapping some pc parts

Dec 6, 2022
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Im gonna swap gpu and i just want to make sure that its gonna boost my frames in games since the old gpu is really running out of juice xD.
<--- here is the "new" and old build. will that run todays games well? (wz2 tarkov etc.)

cpu cooler is just random one that i put there the site didnt got the right one.
will that PSU do its thing? that one is old af aswell. the one on the pic is not the one since the site did not have it, this is the one i have : XFX XPS-550W-SEW PRO550W Core Edition Full Wired 550 Watt Power Supply

also need a new case with it so if you could link me one that is good and from the cheaper side. wil brbly be ordering from this website --> so if yall know what case is good and the site has it plz help me out with it :D

So i would be buying gpu, case, and psu if needed. thanks. what is best gpu with that price range?
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