Help with my Lenovo Ideacentre y700

Jan 28, 2021
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i need to know what processors will fit in my standard motherboard?

im looking to upgrade my processor as my games are lagging, i just bought 16gb ram, but hasnt really made a difference im due to upgrade my gpu to the GTX1660ti very soon, but need a better processor but unsure which ones will be suitable? i use ddr4 ram, does this matter?

any advice will be so greatful, thank you.
Feb 3, 2021
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Those lenovo's have proprietory motherboards and are not easy to upgrade because you cannot just add a larger power supply to supply a better proc without some special connectors that are hard to find . I have a lenovo t540 with a 9700 coffee lake i7 and a gtx 1660ti and it games pretty solid as it is , but cannot add a sound card I would like to because of the power issues and space . The best solution with oem systems like this is to just get a new tower box and mobo and take the best parts from the lenovo (graphic card if it is worthy , and ram ) and get one that supports the processor you are after .Remember, with budget builds you want the best proc first , then the best gpu you can afford , then ram then sound .And as always of course , go about 30% over power requirements for the total build .
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