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Sep 25, 2022
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Hi everybody! I’m Johnny Ufabet.
I've built a new computer and here is my spec:
Motherboard: Gigabyte B560M ds3h v2
Processor: Intel i5 11-600KF
CPU Cooler: Arctic Freezer 34 esport duo
RAM: 4x4GB Corsair vengeance lpx 3200Mhz
HDD: Crucial ssd NVMe PCIE 4.0 1TB
GPU: ASUS GTX 980 Ti Strix dc iii OC
This build works but when i put my old ASUS GTX 660 Ti 2GB vram i get 5 beep AMI BIOS error code, which means Processor error. Ive tried with my GTX 745 as well and with this GPU it works. Its only the GTX 660 Ti that brings this error. Is that GPU toast or is there any other explanation?
Thank you
Apr 26, 2021
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That does sound like a GPU being toast. With how Processor's handle PCIe these days an expansion card like a GPU can trigger a 5-beep "Processor error" if so borked that the system doesn't even recognize it as a GPU (which normally gets a 7-beep error code).

Only way to know for sure though is plugging the 660ti into a different system.
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