Help me choose a GPU please.

Oct 10, 2021
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Hello All,
I am upgrading my GPU from a powercolor RX 5700; I had just bought a ASUS RTX 3070 TI for $700 (AFTER TAXES).
However, I am seeing a microcenter in the town I am visiting that has a Powercolor RX 6800 XT for sale @ $800 (BEFORE TAXES)
I am considering returning the 3070ti and using the store credit and some $$$ to buy the 6800XT.
Is the performance boost worth the $140(ish) difference?
I know neither of these prices are ideal, but I am visiting my family in another state and they live near a microcenter, which I do not have access to back home. The higher end GPUs are still going for over 1k, so those are out of the question.
The advantages for the 6800XT are mostly just on paper. It performs very well in specific benchmarks, but only matches the 3070 ti in real world gaming performance. In fact, the last thing I read said that in gaming performance the 3070 ti was about 3 percent faster.

So, no, I wouldn't do it, but maybe someone else will answer with a different perspective.
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Jun 10, 2022
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With only a small margin of performance either way, it really comes down to how well the silicone on the 3070 TI has, if not stable OC's in the normal or typical values, & ONLY if the AMD card has a significant amount of more memory of equivalent quality, & you have like really, really, expendable income & have done due diligence in terms of preparing for the upcoming year in particular. Famine, civil unrest, all that. I would however spend the $ asap. Food, pew pew, etc. Losing purchasing power by the day, as well as increased prices by the day for necessities at least. Cheers.


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