Heart of Mithras - do you like the game idea?

Mar 24, 2021
Hi together,
since ~6 months i am working on a game called Heart of Mithras, which is now also in the steam library.
There is also a early access announcement video on YouTube, hope you like it 😊
I am grateful for every feedback. Right now there are mostly the screenshots and the announcement video to evaluate, but hopefully i can provide a demo soon. But maybe the current information is sufficient to evaluate the game idea and maybe someone even has some inspiriation he want to share.

Heart of Mithras is a management simulation where you manage a tactical combat team in a sci fy dystopian atmosphere. The gameplay is like a sports manager, but instead of managing players you are managing and recruiting soldiers and the simulation part is not a soccer match or a race, it is a tactical shooting match in an arena, inspired by games like CounterStrike. Up to now it is just a one person development, but i think the game has already reached some complexity and i already enjoy to play the game in the state it is. ofc there is space for lots of improvements, but i think the game idea is good and that`s a very good basis.

About the game:
Lead the combat team of your district to the top of the ladder, in the epic battle game of the megacity Mithras. Play a detailed management game. Recruit new soldiers, hire trainers to help your team to develop, build up your new base and play epic tactical battles in a complex simulation, in the arena called Heart of Mithras.

Heart of Mithras is somehow a dystopian sci-fy sport manager paired with a tactical shooter simulation (like a CS-simulation)


After the great civil war of 2700 the megacity of Mithras was buried under rubble and ashes.
The combatant leaders decided to separate the city in thirty districts.
Since then conflicts in the city of Mithras are no longer solved in a gory battle in the streets of mithras.
Now a battle game decides about prosperity and future of those thirty districts.
The best soldiers of each district fight against each other in a arena in the middle of the Megacity, called the "Heart of Mithras".

Now it is your time to manage a squad, finding the best soldiers to fight for your district. Your actions will not only determinate between winning and losing, they will determinate the fate of your district.


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Jan 13, 2020
Errrr, the scale is all over the place. There are vehicles that look normal sized compared to the soldiers and others that are waist high. Soldiers are taller than some buildings but streets are normal sized. I can't even figure out what other things are, like that white pillar with a green stripe.
Mar 24, 2021
HI Zloth,
thank you for your feedback. Yes the soldiers are currently unnatural big. Would be easy to change, it is just i want them to be present and visible. Since this is some kind of virtual arena, i expected this is an acceptable inaccuracy, but when it is disturbing i probably need a solution for it. :)
Mar 24, 2021
Hi Zloth,
just wanted to again thank you. I changed the scaling of different items in the level on a much more natural level now.
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