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  1. D

    Heart of Mithras - do you like the game idea?

    Hi together, since ~6 months i am working on a game called Heart of Mithras, which is now also in the steam library. There is also a early access announcement video on YouTube, hope you like it 😊 I am grateful for every feedback. Right now there are mostly the screenshots and the announcement...
  2. SFGaming

    Question Are Rust & Minecraft Simulation Games?

    Would you consider either rust or minecraft to be a simulation game? I run dedicated servers for both games and was curious when i saw this threat title.
  3. Rensje

    Question Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS I know, not a PC game. Sue me. Way back in 2005 I was 17 years of age when Animal Crossing: Wild World first launched on Nintendo DS. I loved the game's visuals and picked it up on a whim, not really knowing what to expect from the game. It was first party...