Halo Infinite Video Walkthrough on Legendary (No Upgrades, Grapple Only)

This will be my Legendary mode walkthrough of Halo Infinite. I will not be upgrading any of the Abilities, in fact I'll only be using the base level Grappleshot. No upgraded Core Shield, and no use of the Threat Sensor, Wall Drop shield, or Thruster to dodge with. These will be posted 3 missions at a time. The first 3 are Banished Warship Gbraakon, Foundation, and Outpost Tremonius. I will be using only one skull, the one called IWHBYD, which stands for "I would have been your daddy", a line of dialogue from the original game. It basically just adds rare, humorous dialogue for Grunts, but IMHO, it really helps get me through the difficulty of such a project. This is no experiment though, as I have already beaten the game via this same challenge. The only difference now, is trying to do it with as seamless capture as possible, which means minimizing deaths, quite hard to do.

Banished Warship Gbraakon

This is basically the prologue, which takes you inside an enemy ship where you're tasked with disabling a stasis beam that the enemy has your dropship caught in. It has just one tough battle in an area with multiple Brutes and a Brute Captain. The Brute Captain can be tough one on one, but there are many ways in this large room you can lose him, and sneak up on him.


This is a fairly long level, and I was experiencing some graphical glitches in my ShadowPlay Instant Replay capture, so I switched to manual record. As a result, I used Mission Restart from quite a ways into the mission, and started with different weapons than I had at the beginning. It wasn't an advantage though, because the Plasma Rifle can be picked up off the Elite that attacks you at the start, and the Skewer, despite not being available yet where I first used it, was not really as good there as a Stalker Rifle, which IS available before then. I am now making sure I set aside Mission Start checkpoint saves, in case I need to manually reload them.

I found ways to quickly dash through a couple places at the start, which can otherwise be a struggle to deal with. The boss fight at the end is difficult though, but I may have done better had I saved a Hardlight energy canister to use on him vs the plasma one I was left with.

Outpost Tremonius

This is just a large FOB taken over by aforementioned boss Tremonius that you have to take back. It has mostly Jackals and Grunts, but also some Elites and an Elite Major. There are many opportunities to snipe from a distance here.

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Here's the next set of 3 missions. This set includes Recovery and The Tower, which I counted as 1 mission due to Recovery being very short combat wise and it's objective completing as part of The Tower. The other two are Excavation Site and Conservatory.

Recovery/The Tower

These two missions overlap, which is part of the reason why I counted them as 1. The objectives start out as recapturing a FOB and investigating a UNSC signal, then becomes infiltrating and investigating the goings on inside The Tower. The FOB battle is very short, as is the trip to The Tower. The Tower is made much easier by first taking on some perimeter Grunts, and a few regular Brutes and a Jackal Sniper, then releasing a couple UNSC captives. Before going in, sniping as many enemies as you can from the perimeter wall, including a Brute Captain and a couple Brute Majors that spawn when you get in the area of the grav lift control, helps a lot before taking your 2 troops inside. Once inside, after mopping up a few enemies left, there are 3 more UNSC captives to free, which makes the battle ahead against some Brute Berzerkers, Brute Majors, and a Brute Captain, a lot easier after unlocking and activating the grav lift.

The final phase of the mission is to ascend the tower once taking the grav lift up, which is a forced solo segment, as your UNSC squad mates cannot follow you up the lift, fighting your way through some dark, foggy corridors, then taking on a boss called Chak 'Lok. Chak 'Lok is an Elite Warmaster, and your first significant battle against a cloaked enemy. Besides this, he wields an Energy Sword, Plasma Pulse Carbine, and Plasma Grenades. He can also leap at great distances with his sword attacks. That said, there are key ways to deal with him. The first is using the many shock canisters available and your Shock Grenades to momentarily shock stun him, which also removes his cloak and makes him visible. The 2nd is to keep moving to grab another shock canister, then look for him. It is FAR easier to do this if you stop in a place with fog in front of you, as it reveals the edge of his silhouette. Lastly, using your grapple to quickly dodge his long leaps is imperative. This boss cannot regen his shield though, and once it's down, he is not hard to kill. So saving a powerful weapon for when his shield is down works well.

Excavation Site

This mission is a bit longer than The Tower part of the last 2-in-1 mission, and made to feel even longer due to the long distance to get to it. I opted to grapple there on foot with stealth, as traveling via vehicle only gets you noticed more by enemies out on the road and gunships in the air. I momentarily mistook the Forge of Teash enemy outpost as the excavation site, but avoided conflict.

Once at the Excavation Site, the place is empty, but once you get near the entrance of the Conservatory being excavated, the huge excavation machine becomes active, blocking your path, as several Brutes (Berzerkers, Snipers, and a Captain) spawn. I then immediately head to a nearby ammo hut with a Ghost inside, which is to the right if dropping down to the Conservatory entrance from the cliff above it, then stay inside the hut with it and take out as many Brutes and Brute Berzerkers as I can.

I then drive it farther to the right and take out the two Shade Turrets, which makes the next phase FAR easier. After mopping up the few Brutes left, which includes a Brute Major and Brute Captain, I take the grav lift up to the huge control room area. The excavation machine will not deactivate, as you are then tasked with raising the cooling pylons and destroying them. Of course once getting near the controls on ground to do so, more Brute Berserkers and Majors spawn, as well as Jackal and Brute Snipers. Here's where things can really get tricky, as it's easy to get caught off guard by the snipers if you head to the pylons too quickly. I try to take out as many as I can from a distance from the cover of the control room building, and it's also a good high vantage point to access most of the area.

Once all pylons are destroyed, it's just a matter of shutting down the excavation machine. Of course it's not that simple you see, as the Boss of the area, Bassus, a Brute Chieftan wielding a Gravity Hammer and being able to leap attack at pretty good distance, is there to stop you. Fortunately if you prepare well for the battle with a simple step before taking the grav lift up, you can take him out very quickly. There is an ammo hut in front of the aforementioned Conservatory entrance just to the right of it as your facing the excavated entrance, which contains a Scrap Cannon, one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It's helpful however to stash it in a spot where you'll have good distance from Bassus, or a structure blocking him from you, when you pick it up. This weapon has just enough ammo to take down his shield and all of his health, but may require walking backward as you fire at him to keep your distance.


This is easily the biggest mission thus far. Granted, I may have added a few minutes backtracking to ammo dispensers, and retreating to use a turret weapon to soften up Brutes from a distance at one point, but even without that, it's definitely the longest mission yet. This is all indoors in a giant set of corridors and rooms the Banished are investigating. It has some areas with the usual suspects mentioned before, but where it gets interesting is the final two battle areas. The first of which, I used to loath, but now love. It's a big room with a ziggurat in the middle, two jump pads that can send you flying across the room at opposite sides, and an outer upper area if you wish to snipe.

Taking cover or moving fast is key, as this battle has waves of Skimmers that spawn. I opt to use cover only intermittently in between grappling and using the jump pads, as lingering too long behind it gives the Skimmers time to get to you or spread out, making them harder to kill. They also carry Shock Rifles and once they start drawing a bead on you, WILL hit and often kill you on Legendary with no shield upgrades unless you get behind cover. They've even killed me WHILE flying fast in the air after using a jump pad. My main tactic is to carry in an explosive kinetic energy canister, and toss it at the middle one of the first 3 that spawn, killing all 3. I then grapple immediately toward one of the jump pads, crouch behind one of the low walls near it as my shield regens, grapple grab a hardlight energy canister, then use the jump pad and toss the canister down at them. If you're quick and catch them shortly after the next wave spawns, they are grouped near the top of the ziggurat.

I discovered an even better tactic is to grab one of the Cindershot weapons, which are on racks near the jump pads, as well as a hardlight canister, and toss and shoot. The Cindershot is a hardlight grenade launcher, which can take out clusters of Skimmers with a good shot. It's also possible with a little practice to turn 180 in air and get in a 2nd shot after passing by them. The last wave of enemies includes some White Skimmers that are more accurate at aiming and carry UNSC Commando rifles, and a Brute Captain. This time the end of this fight was quite a thrill, vs something I used to dread, as by then I had gotten pretty good at using the Cindershot. It's also a weapon that results in some nice effects.

Lastly, the final fight is a large room with two Scrap Canon wielding Brute Chieftans. I may have taken more risk than necessary trying to take the first one down via entering the room, grapple grabbing a kinetic energy canister, and waiting from cover for him to pass by two other canisters, as I tossed the one I grabbed at him. I had hoped to take him down there by then shock stunning him with a shock grenade, then tossing all my other nades, and using my Cindershot and Sentinel Beam on him. This resulted in more than one death. As that cover spot was also a checkpoint I kept respawning at, I decided to try picking up the Needler there, and using it to break down his armor after shock grenading him. The Needler however didn't have much ammo, so I traversed over to another weapon pickup, a UNSC Assault Rifle, which I quickly realized wasn't going to cut it. I then realized I was better off retreating to the room I had entered the area from, picking up a Plasma Pulse Carbine along the way.

The strategy was to use the cover of that room, while taking out the 1st Chieftan, whom I had killed on my prior test playthrough that way as he came after me. He even stayed outside the doorway, making it easier. This way there's zero risk of drawing the other Chieftans's fire, and it's not hard to duck out from cover of the narrow doorway quickly to get in headshots safely. It really probably was best to first wear down his armor in the big room, even if a bit risky, because otherwise one Plasma Pulse Carbine may not have enough ammo to kill one of them. There IS a Ravenger in that room left by a Brute Major you have to kill there, which you can use to wear him down further with, which I did, but still there was just enough Plasma Pulse Carbine ammo to finish him off, and trying to go outside the door to grab the other one would be quite risky. All you need do then is pick up his Scrap Canon, and carefully look for his buddy. One of the plusses of retreating to that prior room, as long as you don't fire on the other Chieftan and lure him there as well, is the 2nd Chieftan will generally be idle somewhere after killing the 1st. What you want to do is use a big structure as body cover, as you use your Scrap Canon (which Chief carries low to his right side), to *** away at the 2nd Chieftan, while circling backwards clockwise around it. Since the Chieftans also carry the Scrap Canon slung low to their right side, this keeps you shielded from their fire, and the 2nd one goes down pretty quickly.

BTW, this mission also has some nasty cloaked enemies, an Elite Warmaster, and a pair of Spec Ops Elites that attack you simultaneously. There's also a pair of regular Hunters (thank God they don't cloak). My last play through I discovered a neat trick to locating the Elite Warmaster in this mission when he's cloaked, as well as the White Elite at the start of the final mission in the game. Since there is no fog to see their silhouette in, the slightly reflective floor surface offers just barely enough of a faint reflection of them. It's much harder than spotting them in fog, and I'm not sure it even makes sense you can see this this way, but it can help, and IMO is a great gameplay tactic it appears the devs made possible. Of course what is sometimes even better is knowing what spots they shoot from and take cover, and listening to their voice. It's not hard to see where their projectiles are coming from as they fire, so this is not as hard as it seems. The Spec Ops Elites I just immediately toss a Shock and other nades in the door they approach from as soon as it opens. The floor here is reflective too, so even if one survives the blasts, he can be shot down quickly as you see his reflection coming at you. The Hunters are best dealt with using nades and the Ravenger available in the far left corner of the room.

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Here I have the next set of 3 missions, which include Spire, Pelican Down, and The Sequence.


This is a pretty short mission, especially if you fast track it via mostly stealth to the Spire. I find on Legendary, it only unnecessarily drains your ammo, and can complicate the battle to get into the Spire if you get tangled up in battles with enemies in the outlying area, especially since it can result in stragglers following you there.

Once at the plaza at the base of the Spire, there are 2 Hunters you need to kill. This can be done relatively quickly if you toss the many types of volatile energy coils lying around at them, as well as grab the Needler and Skewer on the weapons racks to break their armor and get in head shots. I missed one headshot with the skewer, but they went down in a little over 2 min.

Once in the Spire after activating and taking the grav lift up, you are met by an orb shaped hovering "monitor", which escorts you through the place. Once at the main control panel, when he learns you're there to shut the facility down, he hops into a hovering battle droid with 4 arms becoming Adjutant Resolution, the 4th boss of the game.

The 1st phase he fires kinetic rounds at you from his arms, so you need to destroy each of them. He is stunned momentarily after destroying each one, allowing extra damage to his central eye. In phase 2 he has a powerful laser blast from his eye, plus an even more dangerous hardlight ground effect that looks like cluster grenades.

You can easily die from this ground effect even if behind cover if you are too close. Other than that, Adjutant Resolution is one of the easiest bosses in the game. Since this mission is so short, I decided to capture the cutscene after this battle, making it pretty balanced in 3 even parts of travel, battle, and cutscene.

Pelican Down

This had the feel of a long mission, but was shorter than I thought it would be. You have to take out 3 huge anti-aircraft guns, which are spaced a ways apart. That said, after I developed a working strategy using a Ghost, I had hopes of getting it done with no deaths. I finally settled for a 4 death result, with no deaths on the final phase, the toughest by far.

The real tricks to getting through this mission are, 1) making your Ghosts last, and 2) knowing where to grab another Ghost or Warthog. Ghosts aren't as durable as a Warthog, but when you consider you are stationary and vulnerable when switching to the gunner seat of the Warthog, Ghosts can more easily avoid damage with their maneuverability.

One option is having a freed captive man the Warthog turret, but with all the snipers in the area, and the fact that there's not much smooth ground to circle around on, you're better off going it alone in a Ghost. The key thing is knowing where enemies are, where you can take cover, and when to fire from a distance to avoid damage.

When I got back to the boss fight with Tovarus and Hyperius, I DID have a fresh Ghost I just grabbed nearby, but after getting a bit too impatient trying to finish off Hyperius via strafing back and forth with it, I ran into him with boost. This did more damage, but also set my Ghost a bit aflame. It was only because I drove a very cautious back route to the other end of the area, took cover carefully from a distance while taking on Tovarus, and managed to spot approaching foot troops in time to take cover or kill them, that I was able to do this fight with one Ghost.

The Sequence

Now this IS a long mission. It basically involves visiting 4 beacons to get a sequence to enter into the Command Spire, which you find at the start of this mission won't activate without it. This mission can be made a LOT shorter by hijacking a Banshee, which the game not only introduces early on in this mission, but makes a point of dangling them in front of you quite often. You are also FAR better off saving them vs subjecting them to too much damage dog fighting or attacking ground troops, otherwise another may not fly by come time to head a LONG ways to the next objective.

I went to the closest beacon just to the East first, then the North one, the South one, and the one to the far West last, which is by far the hardest, as it is guarded by 2 Hunters, and several Elites, including a Red one and a White one. At the end the Banshee is best taken ALL the way to the Command Spire entrance. If not you have to activate the bridge to get to it, where you will be faced with 2 more Hunters, 2 Berserkers, an Elite, Jackals and Grunts, not to mention any enemies at the nearby FOB whom may hear the goings on and join in, including a Brute Captain.

So I made the trip to the Command Spire entrance in a Banshee, but got shot down just before getting there, in a dogfight I thought I had a better chance engaging in than running from. I narrowly avoided a death fall into a chasm by grappling a ledge just in time, then grappled up to a hex pillar, and managed to successfully lure then hijack the Banshee manned Elite that shot my plane down. Oh the grin on my face when I got my payback.

There's one last battle at the entrance of the Command Spire, where they call in reinforcements including a White and regular Elite, and some Jackals and Grunts, but I managed to save as much ammo as I could tossing energy coils, a Shock Grenade (White Elite), and using melee. Had I realized though there WAS in fact a Kinetic ammo dispenser in that area ( I mean I was even facing it at one point at the start of the mission while dealing with enemies), I'd have been able to shoot more and go into the next mission with full BR 75 ammo. DOH!

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This is the next set of 3 missions. These are all indoors and average a little over 40 min long. They include Nexus, The Command Spire, and Repository.


Right off the bat when watching the captured clip of this mission, I noticed there was in fact a Kinetic ammo dispenser I missed that I was standing right in front of just outside the door to enter the Nexus at the beginning of the prior mission. I soon ditched the BR 75 though, as there were Skimmers dropping Shock Rifles, which was a good replacement.

There are a few areas where Sniper and Brute Jackals hide that you need to pick your way through carefully. There are also Grunt Ultras here and there that can be troublesome, whom have tough white armor and shields. The two tough battles in this mission are the pair of regular Hunters and the gondola ride with waves of Sentinels.

This time I planned ahead well for the Hunter battle, carrying in a fully loaded Skewer, which I replaced the Sentinel Beam with, as I knew there were plenty to grab in the gondola area. A single pesky grunt at the entrance of the Hunter battle area, whom I seemed to no-clip whiff through on a grapple melee, distracted me causing one death by a Hunter.

The gondola battle went better this time, as I made use of a better vantage point with cover, and downed a lot of distant Sentinels with the Shock Rifle before any got close. The advantage of that cover spot, is once you circle around to the other side of it, the ones that were on that side you just circled from will retreat once you're out of sight of them. It CAN expose you to Sentinels on the side you circle to though, so it must be done carefully.

The Command Spire

This mission is where the foundry is that makes the hex pillars the rings are built with. It has some more Sentinels, including ones with shields that carry Heatwaves. There's also Skimmers, including white ones with tougher armor carrying Commando rifles and tossing Shock Grenades, the latter of which can easily kill you.

There's another boss fight later with an upgraded version of Adjutant Resolution, whom has Sentinels he summons, and a fight with 3 dropships at the end, but the tough parts are against a few Elites, a Major, Ultra and the hardest to kill Warmaster. I skipped the sword wielding Ultra by grappling quickly to the portal, due to my concern for not having enough Sentinel Beam ammo, but got the the other 2.


This mission starts out with more Sentinels in a huge hall, then progresses to fights with them on a long hardlight bridge, where you are better off taking cover. I also like to snipe two of them that are in a far off area you're headed to, as there are Skirmishers there whom can make things difficult otherwise.

This game brings back Skirmishers, which were last seen in Halo 5. They are Jackal-like creatures that wear silver armor and have a small blue energy shield on each arm. They are crazy fast at dodging and strafing, and deflecting shots and even the grapple spike with their shields.

There are some difficult rooms in this mission, one early on with a Brute Captain, 2 Sentinels, 2 Jackal Snipers, and an Elite Major, not to mention a Brute Major, 2 Skimmers, and several Skirmishers that can come into the room. I find it best to take out the 2 Sentinels first, retreat, then snipe the Brute Captain, then coil toss and snipe the rest.

Then there's a hallway with another Elite Ultra, on whom I use a Shock Grenade and Sentinel Beam. Right after is a room full of Skirmishers and a few Grunts, with plenty of places for them to hide. I find it's best to snipe as many as you can from the door, and go in and finish the few whom remain with a powerful close range weapon like the Heatwave.

There's then 2 rooms you need to get keys from, one containing 2 Brute Chieftains carrying Scrap and Plasma Cannons, the other containing a Brute Captain, and a very tough mega leaping Brute Chieftain carrying a Gravity Hammer. The Shock Rifle and Sentinel Beam sufficed for the first room, but a Skewer I picked up helped a lot for the 2nd.

The mission ends with a trip up a grav lift to battle against another Plasma Cannon Brute Chieftain, then several other Brutes that enter, and a final area with some Skirmishers, 2 Elites, a couple Jackal Majors, and some Skimmers, including one carrying a Rocket Launcher you must not take for granted. I used a couple Plasma Cannons for much of it.

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Apologies for the delay. I took some time off to play God of War. This concludes the walkthrough with the final 3 missions, The Road, House of Reckoning, and Silent Auditorium. The objective in the first 2 missions is to find and recuse the pilot. In Silent Auditorium the objectives are to locate said auditorium, and defeat the Harbinger.

The Road

This is a relatively short mission, and can be grappled through with little to no combat if you have the grapple upgraded, but without said upgrades, I stuck to the vehicles. I also focused on saving the captured troops. I started with the Wraith, then switched to the Scorpion, and finished by speeding past a Wraith in a Chopper

I got through it nonstop without dying, which is relatively easy to do if you know what to watch out for. There's an Elite Ultra lurking cloaked on the left ridge, some troublesome Brutes if you don't take them out right away or from a distance, and Wraiths and Ghosts. Any of these can quickly destroy your tanks if you're not careful.

House of Reckoning

This is a combat training facility where you go through waves of increasingly difficult enemies, ending with a wave of 2 Elite Hunters and some Jackal Majors. I like to immediately grab an HMG and head to the first door enemies spawn behind, which includes an Elite and Elite Major, then grab the Shock Rifle I carried in just past the entrance door before going back to grab the Skewer there, which I take out the 2 Jackal Snipers with that spawn from other doors. I then go back down to the spawn door and swap my Sentinel Beam for a Hydra that is dropped by one of the enemies.

I then fast walk (W+A or D) the HMG over to the next spawn door, head to the central area, pick up another HMG, and take on a group that spawns from the other end of the arena, which is comprised of Grunts and Jackals. As soon as the alarm sounds for the next group, I head back to the HMG I stashed, and stand by it, tossing 4 grenades in the door as it opens, then finish them off with the HMG. The next group is Brutes, including Snipers, Captains, and Majors. I stay near that spawn door to kill 2 Grunts and a Jackal with the Hydra, then the Skewer to pick off 2 Brute Snipers.

After managing to land only one of the 2 remaining Skewer spikes on the Brute Captain, I go and swap it out for the Shock Rifle I used previously, which I had tossed off the upper area to be more accessible from below. I finished off the Captain with a couple Shock Rifle shots, and 4 Brutes, one with a shot at a Kinetic Fusion Coil he was standing near, the other 3 with headshots, one of which was killed by an arc of electricity hitting a nearby large Plasma Fusion Coil. A Brute Major then rushed me, which I killed with the Hydra, This left just 2 Brutes, a Major and Captain, which I head shotted with the Shock Rifle to end the 1st phase.

In the 2nd phase, I show you how to use 3 secret buttons, which spawns a Plasma Mortar Turret Warthog, which I chose not to use. I also show where to stash a fully loaded BR, and how to easily grapple to the top of the tower to use as a safe vantage point, and how to grapple to the 2nd button. The tower roof is useful for the many Grunts, Jackals, Brute Snipers, and as many of the 4 Berserkers that spawn you can get line of sight on. Any remaining Berserkers I jump down when the Elite Hunter wave warning comes and take them out with the Skewer. I then top off my BR with the one I stashed, and use it to take out Suicide Grunts that also spawn in on this wave, and a few Jackal Majors.

By then I've picked up some Skewer ammo from one of the Brute Sniper's weapons, and found a great spot to kill the first Hunter from, a wrecked Pelican back in a corner. The 1st one went down quicker than expected, but then I nearly got killed by the other after going to the other end to finish off Jackals and Grunts. I narrowly escaped dying from their fire by zigzagging around large containers. I then carefully stalked the other Hunter, relocating around to the other side after each shot, to avoid the wrath of it avenging it's partner death.

The 3rd phase can be tough, but is made a ton easier with some careful placing of Kinetic and Shock Coils. It's the boss fight against "Blademaster" Jega 'Rdomnai. I generally also carry an HMG to the small, dark indoor area you fight him, but didn't have to use it this time. I have found the key to beating him very quickly is to create an oval of Coils just beyond the device you interact with to start the battle, with Kinetic Coils at each end, and Shock Coils in the middle. I then grab a Kinetic Coil to toss at him. What this does is cause the Shock Coil explosion to delay slightly until he approaches you, then he is hard stunned by them and can be very quickly killed with the Sentinel Beam. He literally went down in about 10 sec.

The 4th and final phase of this mission is a tough boss fight against Escharum. There are many various weapons around you can use. I like to grab a Plasma Carbine, and some ammo off the Skewer. I circle around trying to keep cover to my left to avoid his Scrap Cannon fire slung to his right. I toss Coils at him, hit him with the Plasma Carbine, then one Skewer shot, which usually drops his health low enough for his impenetrable shield to come up. Then I destroy a shield relay with the Plasma Carbine, rinse and repeating for all 4 relays. When the Skewer ammo runs out, I pick up a Needler.

After the Relays are destroyed the tough part starts, as he is now in fast running, Gravity Hammer wielding, long leap mode. I like to pick up the Spankr that's there to weaken him, then finish him off with the Needler, which can also be refilled with the available Kinetic ammo dispenser, and is easier to turn and shoot with. After retrying the 1st 3 phases via reloading Saving Progress checkpoints I set aside, I managed them with no deaths in these final captures. By the time I got to the 4th Phase, it was getting late, and I already knew from prior play throughs Escharum's fight usually results in deaths, so I captured it with a few deaths that I edited out using 2 checkpoints. All things considered though, it went pretty well.

Silent Auditorium

This is the longest and hardest of the 3, but went pretty well for me. I carried over a full BR and Sentinel Beam, with full nades. After taking out a Grunt and a Jackal Major, I managed to easily kill the Elite Ultra with just 1 Shock Grenade that caused him to fall to his death.:LOL: The Elite Warmaster I killed by stunning with a Shock grenade, then a blast of my Sentinel Beam and 3 punches. I then started mopping up with the BR, at one point luring the Berserker toward me, taking a few shots from a distance as he ran at me, then jumping to safety across the chasm Mr Ultra fell into, then went back and finished him off. I was soon down to just 1 Grunt, or so I thought, which was lucky enough to have my grapple punch whiff. It was fortunate for me though, because as it turned out, there was also a Brute Major, whom ended up dying from the Grunts' grenade that was fumbled after I shot him. The Brute yelled, "It's on me!", then kaboom. :LOL:

There's then a very short battle between 3 Grunt Ultras, an Elite, and a Brute Major with a Sentinel Beam, then on to what is usually the first very tough battle for me against 2 Elite Hunters in a fairly small room. I managed to get one of the Hunters in the back pretty good with the Sentinel Beam as I entered. Then made use of the 3 Hardlight Coils nearby, grabbing Skewer ammo there after tossing them. I then got in a Skewer shot, then used the right edge of the window wall to grapple swing around. I am not the best at doing that, but it REALLY helps in this fight even if you aren't good at it. I then used 2 more Coils near the far left pillar, tossing one at each like the last 2 I threw, then got in another Skewer shot on one of them. I then grappled back to pick up ammo from the 1 other Skewer after freaking out from missing a grapple, then peeked around to shoot one of them whom was point blank.

I used the same swing grapple around the window wall, back to the pillar, and by then had one of them barraging me with fire, as I shot, and unknowingly at the time, killed him. However when I got back to the now empty Skewer rack, the other was right in front of me, and I narrowly escaped death heading back to the pillar. Fortunately once I got there, he was far enough away to get in 2 shots, moving across to the left for cover from another pillar after the 1st, then swing grappling around the window wall once more for cover behind the ammo station crates. It only took one more shot from there to kill the 2nd. It was over in about 1:30. Normally this fight takes far longer and I'm desperately grappling past one of them and using ALL the Coils, 2 of which I didn't use this time. It's partly due to swing grappling around that wall, but also due to them not splitting up this time, which makes it a LOT harder.

After exiting this room, I show a handy room you can access where you can restock those 2 aforementioned Shock Grenades used, as well as various weapons, of which I chose a Shock Rifle. I was also shuttling the BR forward as well, but never used it again. It really would have come in handy in one room where I started advancing closer though. The key to the 1st of these 3 next rooms before the final battle is to stay back and take out any Grunts and Brutes before taking on the Elite Ultra, as if not, you can easily get killed by one of them whilst doing so. Once the entryway is cleared though, he's no match for a Shock grenade and Sentinel Beam. You then just have to mop up some Jackal and Brute Majors, and a few Grunt Ultras.

The next room has a nice ammo room prior to it that has a Spankr, and 2 each Shock and Stalker Rifles. It's key here to keep an eye on the distant upper ledges on each side of this room to look for Jackal Snipers. There's also a rather pesky Brute Captain firing a Plasma Cannon in the distant middle part, as well as a Brute with a Ravenger closer on the right, and some Brute Majors. There are also 2 Berserkers for which I like to grab the aforementioned Spankr, then lure by going up the ramp to the right upper area, then retreat to one shot each one at a time. There's also some Shield Jackals and Skirmishers, which I mostly sniped from a distance, but should have switched to the BR for one Skirmisher I took nearly a dozen missed shots at with the Stalker Rifle when advancing, only to punch him dead instead. :rolleyes:

I then make sure I swap the Shock Rifle for the Hydra in the room, which is handy for the 3rd small room with Grunts, Jackal Majors, Brutes, and an Elite Ultra, which I again use the 1, 2 Shock-Beam tactic on. Then backtrack to the prior big room to top off my Sentinel Beam, Shock Grenades, and grab a Cindershot for the final battle.

In the final battle I mainly use the Cindershot for everything but the Brute Chieftain and the Harbinger. Each of these 3 waves has some difficult enemies, including Elites, Brute Majors, and Ultra Skimmers, some carrying a Ravenger, Sentinel Beam or Stalker rifle, the Ultra Skims, a Commando. The waves tend to advance in difficulty though. In wave one I position myself on the upper walkway to the left of where you activate the console, because the 1st spawns in wave 1 come from the doors up there on either side of it. I just shoot a few Hardlight nades with the Cindershot at each door after they open, then jump down to mop up the few remaining. It is also key to be ready near Harbinger's shield with nades set to Plasma and Sentinel Beam equipped at the end of each wave, so you can toss a nade at her, then at semi close range fire bursts of the Beam at her, in between moving in to punch her, which usually helps keep her from teleporting if done right (had a hard time with that this run).

The 2nd wave has some Skirmishers, Skimmers, a couple Jackal Snipers, and a particularly annoying Brute Captain that flies around on his jetpack raining Ravenger rounds down at you. The key here is going on the run after making it to the first spawn door to kill the group that spawns there, mainly to grab more ammo, but it also helps to shoot the large Hardlight containers after going by them, as they can kill following enemies when they explode. You'll know where that 1st door is via trial and error from the checkpoint you get after the the 1st wave. Note however that if you get too close to the door before it opens, the game will use another spawn point.

The 3rd wave is by far the hardest. This is the one that has Ultra Skimmers that love to toss Shock nades at you, a few Elites whom love to toss Plasma nades at you (one of which usually has a Sniper Rifle), and last but not least, that dreaded fast running, far leaping Brute Chieftain, who's Gravity Hammer has a fairly large area of damage. I found the key here is to after again locating and destroying the 1st spawn, actually stay inside that spawn alcove and lure the rest to you. Now there IS a risk of being naded, but you CAN skip out quickly to avoid those shock nades, AND toss a couple yourself.

Lastly, the most common tactic against the Chieftain is to instead of going on the run, where he'll usually leap slam kill you (especially if you have no grapple upgrades), is to keep him from being able to leap at you. This is done by constantly changing from upper to lower areas, as it takes him a little time to get to you. It also helps to toss Shock nades at him, especially near one of those Hardlight canisters if near them, but I'd forgotten I restocked my Shock nades right after using the last one on him to escape the alcove. As a result, the battle with him lasted over 4 min, as it's really hard to hit him with the Beam when he's running fast,

I nearly panicked after finally killing him when my tossed Plasma nade missed Harbinger (the other 2 stuck). She once again was hard to track, teleporting about wildly, but I managed to avoid her attacks and get to her. I was SO glad I didn't have to fight the damn Chieftain all over again. Based on very difficult attempts of this final wave on previous test runs, I was speculating this mission could easily take as much as an hour, so I was very pleased it took less than 49 min, making it only the 3rd longest mission for me. Sure you could add some time wasted shuttling a weapon I didn't use, but it still would have taken well over 45 min I'm sure.

Thanks much to those whom took the time to watch and/or comment on these videos. I hope if you play the game, with or without hardest difficulty mode or these insane added challenges, you get some useful info out of this walkthrough. Here's hoping the next game will be every bit as enjoyable as this one. I can say that now that this struggle is finally over. :giggle:
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